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Ship Bugs

Unable to Equip items to open weapon slots (example putting a normal phaser array in the second rear weapon slot), and unable to equip consoles to the other slots. also unable to claim C-store ships that I have purchased (the nx, oberth, and the rhode island).


  • ikemansikemans Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I am having these exact same issues. Cant claim my TOS enterprise as it tells me "The price for this item has changed." And I pulled a Temporal Escort for a new character and I can only put weapons in 2 of its 3 forward weapon slots.
  • zaccar#5080 zaccar Member Posts: 45 Arc User
    having the same on one of my chars (last time it was on all of em) . the right most slot in row front wpn and the right most slot in tactical consoles are bugged again. at least its not on every char on my account.
  • nick94#7698 nick94 Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    Same Issue when I got to level 10 last time was the aft right slot now that im level 20 forward right slot im a Science toon and I went with a cruiser for my next ship cause well the Olympic class isn't the best, hope this is fixed soon as I don't want to be dealing with cardassians with 2 for and 3 rear weapon I want my full armament
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