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Endgame disappointing as a new player



  • starswordcstarswordc Member Posts: 10,950 Arc User
    edited December 2018
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  • laiwaisanlaiwaisan Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    So i played Rom federation it has some serious issues as before some one stated it was the most optimal yes and no heres what as a new player took from the whole fed ROM experience the story line was ehhh but still better then federation also compare to federation it was harder as the story line bad guys could actually kill you.

    unlike federation there that feeling of oh omg run use your brain so that actually added to the game play.

    also i did get to use all my freebie codes i found on the net so that was actually great i notice my kling did not get the full benefit of the codes as my fed rom did.

    The cons and there really a turn off for playing rom federation.

    1.first major turn off your free ships are rom only you do have access to a lot of federation ships but there not free and for the amount of refine dilithiume was insane because i have lv up to 40 doing the deep space encounter am only up to 1800 for the lv im at the equivalent ship to my lv that federation i think is 80,000 dilithume holy id have to lv up to 65 doing nothing but deep space encounters and possibly 3 weeks after i hit 65 to even get there maybe even longer because theres a daily cap of how much you can refine lol .

    So there will be no federation ship for you lmao

    2.i started off as kling and lv up to 65 fast all i ever got was battle cruisers so they dont turn that great The rom ships wow i thought something was wrong with my computer or keyboard as i watch the sea turtle on youtube literally turn faster then my ship on my second screen im not joking i found out yup that actually the deal with rom battle cruiser ships omg and they look smaller then the kling battle cruisers wtf and the 4th ship you get looks like a moth and smaller and weaker but its actually better the 3rd ship look more bad A.$$ so at this point at lv forty this is where if you were on x-box you would be like are you joking tosses the controller turns of the tv and reads a book major turn off did i mention i dont read books but i would.

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