Dyson Reputation Locked Out Of Tier VI Alternate Weapon Types!?

Only Rep that doesn't have this option.

Guess they were scared of the Protonic Potential.

I'm thinking many wouldn't have bothered if this was known.


  • thlaylierah
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    I didn't see that, was it buried in a wall of text?
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  • warpangel
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    The Dyson rep weapons don't do energy damage, therefore can't do alternate energy damage either.
  • alcaatraz
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    I believe Omega didn't get a space weapon either due to the KCB's unique nature.
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  • warpangel
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    alcaatraz wrote: »
    I believe Omega didn't get a space weapon either due to the KCB's unique nature.
    That's correct.

    And Nukara didn't get a ground weapon.
  • thlaylierah
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    I wanted to mount Protonic Antiproton weapons.
  • tom61sto
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    They were legit worried about a non-Proton Dyson weapon being OP. Very little buffs Proton, but a metric ton of stuff buffs stuff like Antiproton, which would greatly raise it's ceiling.

    Currently, despite the two-set and three-set being a decent amount of Criticals for everything, I don't run it on any of my energy builds with how lack-luster the Proton weapon is. It gets stuck aft on my torp boats, where it rarely even fires, since the three-set is more valuable with it's +10% Crit Chance to just Photons being fairly valuable (particularly on EPG builds, where you'll likely be using the Dyson torp anyway).
  • mneme0
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    Coulda made an Omega Proton and a Dyson Kinetic beam.
  • asuran14
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    Well also though I can understand not changing the proton weapon both on ground and space, but you do have the grav-photon torpedo that could be switched to another torpedo type like a quantum/transphasic/tricobalt torp type that could be quite fun to use in other specific torp type builds. The same could be said for other reps too shifting thier torpedo project's type to another one.

    Also could have made an alternate for the melee weapons that we have in some of the reps like the Nukara, and even the terran reps. Though it does seem like they went abit overboard with using the antiproton energy type as the additional alternate type for the reps. Like with the delta rep I would have liked to see a plasma variant for the ground set rifle over the antiproton rifle type we got.
  • bendalek
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    I just wanted to see less Antiproton and more Plasma/Tetryon on Rep weapons. That and make the ground and space weapons comparable in reps like Nukara and Omega, i.e Tetryon ground weapons for Nukara and Phaser/Disruptor for Omega.

    And maybe a new model/mesh for Antiproton rifles.

    Also would have been nice to see the Nukara ground set get an actual "Armor" instead of the almost worthless enviro suits.
    And the Romulan/Reman Rep finally get a ground set ... With armor visuals/costume. (that, or a "Romulan/Reman" themed Honor Guard/MACO costume -> Praetorian?)

    As it stands, Phaser, Disruptor and Polaron have gotten far too much love in the Rep system (and even more in mission rewards!! ) Although my SciRom loves all the tasty Polaron goodness, I have several other alts who are feeling left out because they prefer Tetryon or Plasma.
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  • szerontzur
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    Would have been interesting if they did a sustained dyson/proton beam and an omega kinetic burst cannon. Instead of changing the damage type, they changed the damage frequency/delivery. Another alternative to the KCB could have been the iconic Shield Neutralizer Missiles.
  • lianthelia
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    warpangel wrote: »
    The Dyson rep weapons don't do energy damage, therefore can't do alternate energy damage either.

    They do energy damage, just a unique type...the proton weapon also functions like no other weapon in the game...how could you give that a alternate energy type? Not to mention how OP it could be if it was a typical energy type supported by typical stacked damage...
  • husanakx
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    They actually missed out a huge opportunity not for energy but for kinetic.

    There are a bunch of reputation torps. The Dyson reputation Gravemetric PHOTON torpedo. Is what should have gotten and alternative... and the 2pc boosts Photon dmg and crit chance, and the 3 pc photon crtd.

    A Gravemetric Quantum with Quantum set bonuses may have been way to high. However perhaps it would have been some nice love to show Plasma or Transphasic or Chron torps. The Grave torp fires a destructable HY it would have fit in nicely with a plasma version.

    If they had done the same with a bunch of the reps and gave us alternative torp types of some of the rep torps. (they could have even slighly altered them... with say destructable HYs on a Plasma based Rep BioPhoton or a transphasic version of a Lukari rep torp ect)

    Anyway just my take. To be honest I take little joy in playing with energy weapons anymore... and fly lots of torp boats. As such the T6 alt gear really doesn't appeal to me at all.

  • shadowwraith#9264
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    They outright stated from the get-go that Dyson wouldn't have alternate energy types due to the unique nature of the dyson rep.

    they could have at least made alternatives to the protonic polaron weapons without touching the proton rep weapon.
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    Honestly this thread is proof the alternates business was once again a bad decision. In addition to diluting the uniqueness of the rep equipment (most of which wasn't anywhere near unique enough to begin with), it has unleashed yet another vector of player entitlement.