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Star Trek Discovery? Stupid, terrible, and despicable!!

nathankomarannathankomaran Member Posts: 56 Arc User

(Flaming/Trolling comments moderated out. /Thread - BMR)
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  • thay8472thay8472 Member Posts: 5,969 Arc User
    Isn't it suppose to be a starting experience only? Sure they could of done more with the Discovery Klingon War before throwing us into 2409, but meh ... I like it.

    Andre Emerson, should you happen to stumble across this post, can you get the Typhoon Class into the game? I want to order a gameprint model of it for my desk! :)
  • christopher082christopher082 Member Posts: 67 Arc User
    Discovery is the product of Les Moonves, former CBS pres. The alternate licence J.J. Abrams use is because Moonves had zero interest is making Star Trek, period. So when Paramount approached CBS about new Trek movies they gave them the alternate licence.
    Discovery was born for the sole purpose to promote CBS all access, 'cause a new streaming service needs a hook. Since Moonves doesn't like Sci-Fi and couldn't tell Star Trek and Star Wars apart, when he started micromanaging it, it turned out c**p.
  • echattyechatty Member Posts: 5,741 Arc User
    There will be more TRIBBLE coming out later. They've said so.
    Now a LTS and loving it.

    Just because you spend money on this game, it does not entitle you to be a jerk if things don't go your way.

  • feiqafeiqa Member Posts: 2,410 Arc User
    XO is not an acronym from Star Trek Online or Discovery. It is actually Naval and really does mean eXecutive Officer. Or the second in command. It is proper parlance.

    Originally Posted by pwlaughingtrendy
    Network engineers are not ship designers.
    Nor should they be. Their ships would look weird.
  • wideningxgyrewideningxgyre Member Posts: 702 Arc User
    Setting aside the question of whether the show itself is any good, judging the new STO content before it's been fully realized seems a bit premature.

    The rationale of having the new STO content run in parallel with a current show and having that content reflect it is a new opportunity for the game. What we have so far is an introduction, nothing more, nothing less. A few folks have said they should have waited to release more content, perhaps pushing it to January 2019 when the second season of Disco is set to air. However, given the traditional STO calendar with the Winter Event, Anniversary Event, and Omega - all time consuming events, all huge for the players - releasing the introductory portion now allows for bigger fanfare.

    Maybe releasing in pieces vs. a bigger expansion like gamma won't turn out to be the best idea. Or maybe, like serialized tv shows, anticipation (the current introduction notwithstanding) will increase player enjoyment.

    After it's all done, we can do a postmortem. But judging the entire new content on the introduction is like walking out of Star Wars during the opening crawl.
  • warmaker001bwarmaker001b Member Posts: 9,204 Arc User
    XO is actually a real military acronym for Executive Officer :) All the services in the US military for example use it for the 2nd in command.

    Don't like it? Tough.
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