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[BUG?] InvalidEntityName

brenvbrenv Member Posts: 12 Arc User
So I only noticed this a week ago. Sorry I didn't report sooner.

I like to read player Biographies. People are very creative and it give me inspirations to come up with cool story ideas as well. Last week I noticed that for some people the biography opens and immediately closes. I attempted to ask Armada friends if they have seen anything like that. Apparently they hadn't. when I right click on characters with that problem the message [InvalidEntityName] fill the menu box. Is this a bug or some new privacy setting that was added?


  • xcom43xcom43 Member Posts: 723 Arc User
    This Bug drifts around.

    It's even in Never winter.This happened last year or so.
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  • brenvbrenv Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    thank you for the heads up!
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