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How many marks are you saving up for the coming Tier 6 reputation?



  • nikephorusnikephorus Member Posts: 2,737 Arc User
    edited August 2018
    ruinthefun wrote: »
    Well, the current state is that the PUGs just plain don't exist at all. Wanna play something? Good luck with that...

    It really depends on the queue. The borg queues, even after all this time, are still fairly active. The alerts are very active, crystalline is always active, event or not, and at least for now Swarm is very active as well. Obviously, this is only a fraction of all the queues, but to say you can't pug anything is a bit of an exaggeration.
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  • jrdobbsjr#3264 jrdobbsjr Member Posts: 431 Arc User
    > @salazarraze said:
    > The people that would ignore it can't carry their own weight anyway so I wouldn't worry about them. Adding a single elite mark requirement for a daily xp project is a good idea IMO.

    Maybe we should stop monkeying around and separate the wheat from the chaff by instituting permadeath for toons....that will drive out the casuals far more efficiently.
  • duncanidaho11duncanidaho11 Member Posts: 7,623 Arc User

    *Immediately starts saving marks*
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  • usskentuckyusskentucky Member Posts: 402 Arc User
    Yeah, I try to get ahead of these things. I don’t start reps one at a time, or even one toon at a time. Whatever the commodity they end up requiring, I’ll want to have the amount needed to reach tier 6 on all the toons I do it on just by doing the sliders once a day.
  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,481 Arc User
    Well considering how predictable they can be in sticking with 'proven formulae', the jump from T5 to T6 may be just like the jump from T4 to T5 in Starbase Holdings: from 100k to 250k. :(
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  • jordan3550jordan3550 Member Posts: 328 Arc User
    Glad I came across this post. I totally forgot about the new tier 6 rep. Better start saving those marks now on my alts
  • peterconnorfirstpeterconnorfirst Member Posts: 6,223 Arc User
    edited September 2018
    Like @seaofsorrows mentioned 2k is the number that is on my mind as well.

    Now there is a lot of *if* to what I concluded and we absolutely have no info at all on what is to come but I roughly estimate:

    - XP iteration form the second to last fleet star base/colony tier (100 000 XP) to the final is 150 000 XP.

    - Personal reputation’s highest tier is also currently 100.000 so in a cryptic game I would guess we also need 150.000 XP more now

    - Without sponsorship 150 000 XP / 2 500 XP dailies is 60 projects worth 30 marks each so 1800 marks in sum.

    - With sponsorship 150 000 XP / 5 000 XP dailies is 30 projects so 900 marks in sum

    Again, we have no idea what is to come. They also hinted in a P1 podcast they will somehow integrate a feature we already have with event rewards (ships/items) where at some point in the past they started to view the players as account and not on a character basis.

    No idea what this is supposed to mean here but a hardcore solution to the growing number of reputation systems could also be that they reform the entire system to an account wide effort. I would not mind that as the number of pointless sliders to pull each day would greatly be reduced. Others might complain that it would reduce the rewards for the dailies also, not to mention the final one, a great deal which is true.

    We shall see.

    The recent blog should narrow my guess down a bit.

    With all the events and options we have at the moment to save up marks ahead of time I have full confidence that we won’t see any “That’s too much of a grind to get to T6 Cryptic” threads in here in the near future, right? o:)
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    felisean wrote: »
    teamwork to reach a goal is awesome and highly appreciated
    Bring it on
    coldnapalm wrote: »
    wishful thinking is not really a reliable source
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