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Playable Cardassian Faction

So will we ever get a playable cardassian faction starting from level 1-65 the storys are there from rebuilding cardassia at the end of the dominion war to the gamma quadrant missions


  • admrenlarreckadmrenlarreck Member Posts: 2,041 Arc User
    Faction, No. They have joined with the Federation and Klingon Empire, in the Alliance.

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  • jbmonroejbmonroe Member Posts: 809 Arc User
    The thought of being mentored by Elim Garak does have its merits. *sigh* What might have been.
  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 7,036 Community Moderator
    I believe that ship has sailed. It took 8 years to introduce playable Cardassians and we got them in the form of a playable race for FED and KDF. If a Cardassian Faction was going to happen, it would've happened with this expansion.
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  • warpangelwarpangel Member Posts: 9,427 Arc User
  • shrimphead2015shrimphead2015 Member Posts: 487 Arc User
    Honestly I can live with that. As BaddMoonRizin said it took 8 years just to get a playable Cardassian. Just the fact that I can get the ships, uniforms and bridge crew as all Cardassian was alot more than I was expecting when I first heard they were coming out.

    This may not be popular but I would really like to see down the rode a mission in Cardassia so we can at least see some of the homeworld.

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  • salazarrazesalazarraze Member Posts: 3,775 Arc User
    In a word? No.

    Could we see some Cardassian flavor featured cross-faction episodes added? Yes.
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  • peterconnorfirstpeterconnorfirst Member Posts: 6,210 Arc User
    I’d lock free cardies as playable race for the new (Jem Hadar/Dominion) faction and would offer some expensive lobi ground gear for them. Otherwise I don’t see any serious need for what the OP requests anymore.
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    felisean wrote: »
    teamwork to reach a goal is awesome and highly appreciated
    Bring it on
    coldnapalm wrote: »
    wishful thinking is not really a reliable source
  • avoozuulavoozuul Member Posts: 2,961 Arc User
    Picking the Jem'Hadar for a new faction was a real kick to the balls of those wanting a Cardassian faction.
  • neoakiraiineoakiraii Member Posts: 7,464 Arc User
    Why would we...and have it ran by that tailor?

    a true Cardassian leader would not allow a mass murder who tried to wipe out the Cardassians free all for a Old Space station.... what was the point in letting her go to try to minimize blood?

    how that work out....she disguise herself as a Tzenkethi admiral and wipe out entire worlds...if we are to have a True Cardassian faction...it should be under a better leader
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