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Canon Uniform Colors

Forgive me but I am going to cut right to the chase - something needs done about canon uniform colors. I’ve read multiple posts from people asking that uniforms either are initially equipped in the canon (aka proper) colors or an option to click on something exists that will make the uniform change to the proper colors. Obviously all of these posts have been ignored. While I appreciate the many options to customize your characters appearance and colors, I don’t think trying to make a Wrath of Khan uniform in canon colors should be the same as a customization. I do not see the difficulty in just having the proper colors as the default. Please, please someone make this a realization if for no other reason than to grant a wish people have been wanting for over 7 years.


  • byozuma#0956 byozuma Member Posts: 502 Arc User
    There's a number of web sites that I've found that has color listings for proper arrangements and I think there's even a page for it buried in the PC version archive here. Either way, there's resources out there you can tap for inspiration if nothing else. Here's a link to get you started at the least.

  • duncanidaho11duncanidaho11 Member Posts: 7,561 Arc User
    edited May 2018
    A lot of the (older) canon uniforms have a default pattern available in the tailor. You can apply this by clicking the "uniform" button again and cycling through the list of default options (left/right buttons at the side of the window pane). However, at the moment this is only useful in quickly assembling uniform components. The colors are borked for these and could use some revisions (they just seem out of date, the palettes have changed over the years and it doesn't look like these have kept up.)

    If Cryptic does that, and perhaps adds any current omissions people particularly care about, then hey we've got the ability to quickly specify canon colors in game (using the existing system.) In the meantime though...
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  • azrael605azrael605 Member Posts: 10,792 Arc User
    Assuming that posts have been ignored is rude, ignorant, and a number of less pleasant things.
  • tanikaze#2515 tanikaze Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Thank you for the links. My uniforms definitely look a lot better now! Much appreciated.

    azrael605 - You are correct. My assumption that peoples' posts have been read and ignored by development is completely unfair. I clearly do not have all the facts. However, I do know that many people have discussed this topic in great detail over the past 7 plus years. It's hard to imagine that the discussion wasn't discovered, even just once, by development. Regardless, my apologies to development.
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