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Anyone else having issue with using account bank when calling your frieghter

omarbradley69omarbradley69 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
This is been happening now for several upgrades going on for close to a year now. When I call my freighter I have access to all functions except the account bank. It always displays a message saying the account bank is unavailable

I have logged two trouble tickets only to go back and not find a ticket or a resolution.

Love to know if I'm the only on experiencing these issues



  • snowwolf#0563 snowwolf Member Posts: 1,018 Arc User
    No problems here!
  • arionisaarionisa Member Posts: 1,421 Arc User
    The account bank has been borked on the freighter for a really long time now. Just visit your ships bridge, the one there works.
    LTS and loving it.
  • omarbradley69omarbradley69 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Looks like some have the issue while some do not. Might explain why the developers have not identified it yet.

    Thanks for the input, good to know I'm not the only only having this issue
  • regulusff7regulusff7 Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    Got the same issue here.
  • saber1973asaber1973a Member Posts: 1,220 Arc User
    Also can NOT use my account shared bank on any of my toons by the freighter service. I got 100 slots - max on my F2P account.
  • casper32433casper32433 Member Posts: 97 Arc User
    I also have this same issue on all of my characters, Fed, Klingon and Romulan. Truly pathetic this has been going on for well over a year now and still has not been fixed. Get it together Cryptic.
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