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PROPOSITION: That the Foundry Should Be Renamed "The Nexus"

theyredeadjimtheyredeadjim Member Posts: 243 Arc User
This Proposition is made on the basis that Foundry shares the following qualities with the Nexus from Star Trek:
  • Both deal with Star Trek,
  • Both allow for the creation of new and alternate realities, and
  • Both are only around for limited periods of time, only to leave and return again at a future time.

*** Obviously, this is just tongue-in-cheek, and is simply an attempt to lighten the mood surrounding the Foundry downtime. Please keep any comments light :) ***

PROPOSITION: That the Foundry Should Be Renamed "The Nexus" 20 votes

theyredeadjimmattjohnsonvawhere2r1psycoticvulcandigsharpgeoff484thay8472sotsogmchasequinnellmarty123#3757spock#1073orangenee#2931boxcar35 13 votes
duncanidaho11voporaknrobbiecjohnnysnowballstarfarerthetaspiritbornlordconn#9249 7 votes


  • theyredeadjimtheyredeadjim Member Posts: 243 Arc User
    In the Nexus, the Foundry wouldn't be down, and I could create maps at will...wait...
  • duncanidaho11duncanidaho11 Member Posts: 7,623 Arc User
    edited November 2017
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    It's not down, our ideas are just being aged for that perfect flavor of ethical sustainability.
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  • starfarerthetastarfarertheta Member Posts: 738 Arc User
    You want to name it after this guy? :/

    Wait.... oooooh, I see. You mean after the- yeah. The space ribbon thingy. Right. Well, I already voted so... well.... :neutral:
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