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Bug: Opening Replicator causes Duty Officers Assignment to Revert to Current Map Assignment List

taehsongtaehsong Member Posts: 590 Arc User
Special Duty Officer Assignment List (Delta Volanis Cluster, Eridan Belt, etc. and Trader) switches list back to Current Map duty assignment list when you open the Replicator.

I sent in an in game bug report, but I thought I would post it again in the forum.
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  • dukedom01dukedom01 Member Posts: 462 Arc User
    That's actually not a bug but a technical limitation of the game engine. The ship replicator is a 'contact' you open, same as the star cluster contacts (and your department heads for that matter). Because you are only allowed to have one contact window open at a time your star cluster assignments will close once you access the replicator. And before you ask it is not trivial to allow more than one contact. Weird things could be done and you really really don't want that.
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  • fleetcaptain5#1134 fleetcaptain5 Member Posts: 3,423 Arc User
    This has happened since the first day I played this game :)
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  • jansil#1393 jansil Member Posts: 28 Arc User
    taehsong wrote: »
    It might need to be redesigned then. It's really annoying having the list revert back to Current Map list when you want to check which item and number of items need to be replicated. It closes even when you're talking to Department Heads (Diplomatic, Engineering, etc.).
    You can click on the mission, to where you're about to initiate it, and keep that up, while using the replicator. But then, you'd have to go out and come back in in order to pick it up with the Commodities you need to actually start it. It's how I check, and get the numbers and such.

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