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Unusually low DPS for all new unique weapons since "Survivor"

balarickbalarick Member Posts: 27 Arc User
Since "Survivor" (from "New Frontiers" arc), I have noticed that all of the new unique ground weapons that have been introduced have had unusually low DPS which has made them largely useless. I've talked to some other people in zone chat and some have reported similar problems while others haven't. For instance, on my Lvl 60 Fed Sci toon, the [Polaron Covert-Ops Compression Pistol Mk XIV] from "Survivor" has a DPS rating of 68.1. While it has the bonuses for stealth/flanking kills, those bonuses merely bring it on par with older weapons with DPS ratings that I've been accustomed to.

Other weapons include:
[Lukari Piezo-Electric Wrist Apparatus Mk XIV [CrtH] [Dm/CrH]]: 73.4 dmg (104.9 DPS) -- yes, that's an epic-level ground weapon that's just barely breaking 100 DPS! And yes, I'm at ESD, on the ground map, as I'm reading out these DPS levels!

I haven't even bothered to craft this weapon due to this emerging pattern, but the [Duelist Tetryon Decompression Pistol Mk XIII] (ultra rare) presents a DPS rating of 21.9 kinetic + 68.4 tetryon for a grand total of... 90.3 DPS. Perhaps its DPS jumps up to something normal when actually crafted, but I somehow doubt it.

Conversely, recent Lobi Store weapons have varied in overall DPS. While the [Sphere Builder Antiproton Repulsor Mk XIV [Dm/CrH] [Dmg]] -- which was released *before* "Survivor" -- has always had a less-than-stellar DPS rating (123.6 dmg (176 DPS)), the [Type II Phaser Compression Pistol (c. 2285) Mk XIV [CrtX]] (ultra rare) -- released afterward, if memory serves -- has a decent DPS rating: 69.4 x2 dmg (191.5 DPS).

Just for comparison's sake, to demonstrate that this is *not* a result of the rebalancing that happened with (I think) Season 13, older weapons (Reputation, mission reward, and Lobi alike) still have reasonable DPS ratings, including:

[Vorgon Tetryon Discharge Prism Mk XIV [CrtH] [Dm/CrH]]: 76.2 x2 dmg (210.3 DPS)

[Advanced Herald Antiproton Beam Projector Mk XIV [CrtD] [Dm/CrH]]: 71.9 x2 dmg (226.1 DPS)

[Na'kuhl Temporal Operative Assault Mk XII]: 58.8 x3 dmg (146.9 DPS)

[Omega Force Antiproton Autocarbine Mk XIII [Dmg]]: 64.6 x3 dmg (161.6 DPS)

I guess the reason I'm posting this is that I'm curious as to whether others have noticed a similar drop in DPS in newer unique ground weapons since "Survivor" and whether I should report this as a bug, or whether this has already been resolved somewhere without my knowledge, or whether this is how these new weapons are supposed to be (and thus are meant to be relatively useless as compared to older weapons -- which seems to be an unlikely scenario, but you never know, I guess).

Thank you in advance for your input.


  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,235 Arc User
    Be sure you are looking at the DPS while on the ground. Also, if you are not actually 'holding' the Weapon and are just right-clicking on its picture you may also get a wrong 'reading'.
    'But to be logical is not to be right', and 'nothing' on God's earth could ever 'make it' right!
    Judge Dan Haywood
  • balarickbalarick Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    ltminns wrote: »
    Be sure you are looking at the DPS while on the ground. Also, if you are not actually 'holding' the Weapon and are just right-clicking on its picture you may also get a wrong 'reading'.

    Thanks, yeah, as I mentioned, I was on ESD (ground, not orbit) while I was reading these out, but I didn't specify that I was holding them: I was. I've tried using some of these weapons, like the Lukari Rep weapon and the Covert Ops polaron gun from "Survivor," against different enemies, like the Borg on Defera Invasion Zone, and the Lukari weapon is just pathetic despite being epic level and Mk XIV. Same with the Covert Ops pistol. Switch to any older weapon, even if it's not epic, and I start killing them at an appropriate rate.

    It's just confusing, and I want to gauge other people's experiences with this before reporting it as a potential bug.
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