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Stuck on Kobali Crisis Act 1

Here's a video, I can't do anything in the quest, I've done all the parts of the quest. Someone had me share and follow them as they completed it. they tried to share the next mission. said I wasn't about to play it. they tried to share the starting mission of the Iconian missions same...

I WANT TO PLAY THE GAME! I'm only threatening to issue a month worth of charge backs to get someone attention! it's the only way to get their attention, otherwise you are bug splat on the windshield! I shouldn't have come back, I know this is how PWE does games they are about to shut down, it was the same way with HOTK, I just really like this game, and found interest again after 5 years away.

I just want to get to the Iconian gear everyone is talking about!


  • saimorphx#5330 saimorphx Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    OK, so I figured out how to get the missions again, hopefully when they are done for the second time, I can continue on to the Iconian missions!

    So, there is a kiosk that gives you the missions again...

    Doing them again seems to progress the Act 1 wrapper mission.

    Thanks for the help Devs!!!! you really support the people you rely on!!!! <.<
  • steamrunnertttsteamrunnerttt Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I'm stuck here as well, and I've replayed the missions twice. Still can't progress beyond Act I. I've also dropped and restarted the mission, no joy. Any other ideas?
  • rndfluctuation#1470 rndfluctuation Member Posts: 813 Arc User
    edited May 2017
    I am not a support stuff (it's a peer to peer support forum BTW, players like you and me post here to ask/report bugs and get or give help, and we don't always know/see/can write an anser or give accurate info sadly) but:

    While I don't know a good/failproof algorithmical way to play it,
    It COULD be that taking Data Recovery from console, *from ACT II there*,
    IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT YET, just after getting credit for The Temple of My People , would help you.

    Do all missions in order.

    In general, do NOT re-take missions which you were acredited for, on an act which you had not finished yet or delivered.
    If you can not get missions in order in other way, go to the console (I don't know if there is a better way). You sometimes need to interact with NPC's OUTSIDE OF TOWN (in camp), for example, and this beside possible interactions by the general or Kim. (do the right interaction for current quest. Sometimes a green color interaction is needed and it's not very clear as well.)

    The Temple of My people: Mind you, you need to interact with Kim and do some tasks too. Before you are about to enter "The Dragon's Teeth", you MUST hail Kim. If you ended up in the limbo there or in a bugged instance due to some connectivity issue etc or due to not hailing Kim, or if otherwise realizing you forgot to hail Kim, beam up and try again (hail Kim if not done yet)

    Sometimes you need to interact with things on game beside NPC or killing. Sometimes you need to interact with transporter or to beam to city and/or back.

    Some people had to take all missions from the console, (Data Recovery needed for Act I but is located on Act II on the console) or found this way to be better/failproof, (some posts scattered on the forum on this regard,) I had a different experience so can't advise you here.
  • saimorphx#5330 saimorphx Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    okay i did not understand that at all...but im stuck on act 1 and i did the calvery and the son...but i cannot progress further than that...the last 2 are data recovery and the temple episodes and they will not show up....so..since im a slow learner give me a detailed explanation...on how the hell to get through this and progress more so i can complete the kobali arc, then the delta arc and then finally the iconian war arc....dont give me a **** explaination on redoing the missions because i just fracking did that...and NOTHING this bloody episode was working before season 13 and now its fraggin broke! either fix the damn game or i quit and you guys lose another customer, and i want all the money i put into you **** back...also, deleting the 3 Tickets i put in was a **** move!

    sorry for the harsh language but im really pissed off...ive been at this bloody episode for weeks now and still cannot frackin pass it because its broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I reran the quests a second time with someone else. I shared Act 1 wrapper quest, and he ran threw them with me right there in a team, I got nothing. I started the quest for the 3RD time from that kiosk and they played through... I skipped Act 2 and Act 3.

    When you come out of the building the general is in, there is a kiosk/console to the right that gives the missions again.
    * I dropped the Act 1 mission wrapper many times and restarted it.
    * Just take the first one "The Cavalry" and the rest should auto progress.

    I didn't have to revisit the kiosk/console after starting The Cavalry quest. so yeah, I ran them 3 times before it credited the Act 1 wrapper quest.

    I don't know about Act 2 and 3, I skipped them, I'm not getting stressed over those! I'm in the Iconian story arc so I'm happy.
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