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Cherry Epohhs Missing from Winter Event

nightowl2002nightowl2002 Member Posts: 10 Arc User
edited December 2016 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
I have been running Epohh duty officer missions every day since the beginning of the event on multiple characters (12 total, including Fed, KDF, Fed-Rom, KDF-Rom, Delta, and AoY) and have yet to be rewarded a Cherry Epohh. I have had Lime Epohhs (including the Extreme Lime Rare) rewarded, but no Cherry. No one I have talked to has a Cherry Epohh, either. There are also no Cherry Epohhs listed in the GPL conversion unit.

Thank you for this (from Dec. 15 patch notes): Resolved an issue where new Cherry Epohhs could not be rewarded in the Winter Event.

Edit: Still have a problem with epohhs missing from the epohh trade-in unit, though. Please add the Cherry Epohhs and the Extreme Lime Rare to the GPL conversion unit. I like them, but they keep inviting their friends over to stay, and I just don't have that much room for them. Thanks!
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