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Emit Unstable Warp Bubble

tousseautousseau Member Posts: 1,484 Arc User
I was just curious as to what other people's opinion of this boff power was. I'm looking to make use of it in a cruiser build.

It seems like a handy ability to use with space magic heavy npcs, such as Voth or Sphere uilders.



  • odinforever20000odinforever20000 Member Posts: 1,849 Arc User
    Eh...Its a nifty ability to pester other players with (at least 1v1)...Since DPS is king..Just vape the NPCs..Might be useful in Eilites with a team (if your having problems with Hazards)...But..to me..its kinda a novelty with normal/advanced Npcs..


    Rouge Sto Wiki Editor.

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