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Lack of beam weapon nodes on the Kelvin Timeline Intel Dreadnought.

ebonsonebonson Member Posts: 33 Arc User
All forward beam weapons including the Kelvin timeline emitters will only fire from 2 little red rings on the disk part of the ship. None of the "spheres" near the deflector are used like in the movie. This makes for a pretty sad display when all your weapons fire in the same line.


  • jer5488jer5488 Member Posts: 506 Arc User
    I agree, the Intel Dread needs way more firing hardpoints. A ship that big just doesn't seem to be firing at all with only 5 hardpoints. 2 upper saucer, 2 lower saucer, and the aft 'everything' spot. It just doesn't 'feel' as awesome as a ship like that should, even though the damage is fine.
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