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23c klingon uniforms

Anyone else with KDF characters take notice that not all KDF boff's have access to the full 23c klingon uniform unlocks. I check both of my KDF characters and one and all of her KDF boff's only have limited access to the 23c klingon uniforms and my other her 2 female orion boff's have full access to the 23klingon uniform but like the baby kdf character the rest of her boff's have limited 23c uniform parts.


  • warmaker001bwarmaker001b Member Posts: 9,204 Arc User
    edited July 2016
    The KDF 23rd Cent Uniform options are there but it's kind of a mess, which I touched upon in this thread.

    Liberated Borg are going to have issues but regular Klingons should mostly be fine. Uniform devices of the era are widly inconsistent in being accessible. Still, it is more TOS uniform options than we've ever had before, especially for the females. The TOS Female Klingon uniforms got to a point where I believed we'd never see them in STO, but they're here.
  • wilvwilv Member Posts: 390 Arc User
    Liberated Borg are going to have issues

    You said a mouthful. I can't use the humanoid head on mine at all.
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