Mindscape/Northwest Passage help

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Hi all. I am stuck on the "Mindscape" mission. The "Northwest Passage" section, specifically. Voyager and I are supposed to scan the anomalies until we find the one that leads to fluidic space, while fending off Undine ships. The ships are easy enough to kill. I've gone through over a hundred of them. But there are about 80 anomalies to scan, and no indication of any progress, no matter how many I scan. How do I find the correct anomaly? After an hour and a half (or longer) of flying around, shooting the ships and scanning and more scanning, I can't find it. I've been to all those green circle zones on the map. Any help here would be awesome. Thanks.


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    kronin#4685 Member Posts: 325 Arc User
    I may have the answer to my own question. I've been playing the scanning minigame wrong the whole time. Now that I've seen a couple of videos in YouTube, I will have another go at this mission when I get home tonight. We'll see if this does the trick.