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Content Rating and Approval Process Details



  • tekn0mancertekn0mancer Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    System wrote: »

    In order to avoid unnecessary speculation and bring some clarity to the review process - I'm starting this thread to show you the current plans on how Published Foundry Missions get in game.

    Since this feature is still in development and the Foundry is in Beta (and not even at Closed Beta at time of first writing) all of this is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


    Once a mission has been completed X number of times, it now qualifies to show up in Player Made Mission searches for any player in the game.

    Sorry to necro, but since this is one of the most-viewed announcements on the board, it is seriously in need of an update to reflect the current state of the Foundry's "Content Rating and Approval Process Details." As of the date of this post, this thread contains only beta/pre-release "plans," a couple of prominent "subject to change" disclaimers and a bunch of suggestions, all from several years ago.

    I've read through this entire thread and after more than five years X is apparently still not explicitly defined anywhere, nor is there anything specifying which (if any) of the other things mentioned in this thread are still relevant. This thread simply doesn't provide the information its title claims to provide.

    Given the lack of anything resembling official documentation on the Foundry toolkit so that people can actually RTFM, can we at least get a detailed, complete and current explanation of the criteria for a Foundry mission to be moved from review-only status to being generally available? Please?
  • drogyn1701drogyn1701 Member Posts: 3,606 Media Corps
    It's 5 reviews to move it out of the review tab and into the main tab.

    But yes, this could use an update.
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