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Loss of STO Player Twisted Mike



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    yreodredyreodred Member Posts: 3,527 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    My condoleances to everyone who knew him.
    "...'With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured...the first thought forbidden...the first freedom denied--chains us all irrevocably.' ... The first time any man's freedom is trodden on, we're all damaged. I fear that today--" - (TNG) Picard, quoting Judge Aaron Satie

    A tale of two Picards
    (also applies to Star Trek in general)
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    beerxhyperbeerxhyper Member Posts: 676 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    AkuhaShuzen which is me and the fleet i am in Athens pass along our prayers and thoughts :(

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    fakefivefakefive Member Posts: 94 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    . Salut,,,,
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    saedeithsaedeith Member Posts: 628 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    I did not know him but I want to pass on my condolences to his family and friends.
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    daveynydaveyny Member Posts: 8,227 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    A lifetime of love to remember and cherish,
    that this time of sorrow will never perish.
    His good hearted nature left many amazed,
    and from all his friends, he was most often praised.
    That now he is gone is hard to endure,
    but thinking he's missing is quite premature.
    For as long as his memory lasts in our heads,
    we'll whisper his name throughout these threads.

    In each of his characters we saw much devotion,
    to all he called 'Friend', in this domain of dark oceans.
    Star Trek Online was a place he called home,
    and through all its zones he wandered and roamed.
    Helping each player who happened his way,
    and steering them straight when they did dismay.

    Mike starts his journey now, beyond this realm,
    Aboard a great Starship, taking the helm.
    To places we wonder and dream about often,
    he'll be setting a course as a heroic Captain.
    We all wish him well as he gets on his way,
    and remember him fondly, with each passing day.

    My condolences to all of his Family and Friends...


    "The second star to the right,
    Shines in the night for you.
    To tell you that the dreams you plan,
    Really can come true.
    The second star to the right,
    Shines with a light that's rare.
    And if it's Never Land you need
    It's light will lead you there.
    Twinkle, twinkle little star
    So I'll know, where you are.
    Gleaming in the skies above,
    Lead me to the land I dream of.
    And when our journey is through,
    Each time we say "Goodnight."
    We'll thank the little star that shines,
    The second from the right..."
    STO Member since February 2009.
    I Was A Trekkie Before It Was Cool ... Sept. 8th, 1966 ... Not To Mention Before Most Folks Around Here Were Born!
    Forever a STO Veteran-Minion
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    seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 10,918 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Sad news indeed.

    Very sorry to hear, and my condolences to his friends and family.

    He will remain a bright star in the galaxy of STO.
    Insert witty signature line here.
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    stomperx99stomperx99 Member Posts: 863 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Whilst I did not have the pleasure to met or know him..... My prayers and sympathy go to his friends, family, and loved ones, for their suffering and pain is eternal.....

    You will be missed, Twisted Mike....

    I'm sorry to people who I, in the past, insulted, annoyed, etc.
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    foundrelicfoundrelic Member Posts: 1,380 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    My sympathy goes to his family and his fleetmates.

    On he goes, into the undiscovered country.
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    mjarbarmjarbar Member Posts: 2,084 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    I would just like to add my own sentiments to everyone else's and pass my sympathy to his family and fleet mates.

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    annahannah Member Posts: 201 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Thats terrible, my condoleancies :(
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    kamipoikamipoi Member Posts: 365 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Stay strong and make your fleet and the game better in his memory.
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    rearllrearll Member Posts: 87 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    foundrelic wrote: »
    My sympathy goes to his family and his fleetmates.

    On he goes, into the undiscovered country.

    Well said, I can only echo this.
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    cyberpunkfalconcyberpunkfalcon Member Posts: 125 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Though I did not know him, I'm sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers to his friends and family.
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    stark2kstark2k Member Posts: 1,467 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    My deepest condolences, may your fleet remain strong & true. I did not know him but I can understand the loss of a fallen member & the loss of their presence.

    In honor of your fallen member, I will attend your ceremony tomorrow at 7PM US Eastern time & offer a nod of respect.
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    razar2380razar2380 Member Posts: 1,186 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    I am sorry that this happened. My thoughts go out to his family, and your fleet.

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    elvnswordselvnswords Member Posts: 184 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    On behalf of Starfleet Strategic Command, Romulan Strategic Command, and Kligon Strategic Command, let me express our sincere condolences to his friends, comrades and family in this time of loss.

    We are all made of stardust and he has gone to explore that in full...

    Strategic Command, Salute!

    /Em Salute
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    starswordcstarswordc Member Posts: 10,963 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Echoing the above sentiments on behalf of Strike Team Alpha and the House of Tlhap-Jen.

    *lights a duranja lamp* "Raka-ja ut shala morala... ema bo roo kana... uranak... ralanon Twisted Mike ... propeh va nara ehsuk shala-kan vunek ..."
    "Great War! / And I cannot take more! / Great tour! / I keep on marching on / I play the great score / There will be no encore / Great War! / The War to End All Wars"
    — Sabaton, "Great War"

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    darin010darin010 Member Posts: 71 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    I didn't know the man but as for my self and Federation Veterans 1'st Fleet. We are sorry for the loss of a good person, player, and Star Trek Fan. Our thoughts are with you and we wish all who knew him well.
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    adorenkoadorenko Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    I'm sorry for your loss. :(
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    mwaldron99mwaldron99 Member Posts: 35 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Fist time I met DJ Twisted, we were with the League of Extraordinary Captains, he was one of the senior staff, and I remember he came up with the idea of 10 shuttles against a capital ship, a GREAT idea and a good team builder. He brought out his Vo'Qouv and we all tried to take it out and I think we all failed.. He said "You gotta quit sub-nuking me" so we had to do normal attacks.

    I find it difficult to hear of his passing and I think I might still have the screen shot of the Vo'Quov and the shuttles. He also played Star Wars The Old Republic and was a king size generous person in any game he was in. Always trying to be the best and helping everyone to be their best. I remember when he was playing STO and DJ'ing I said over TeamSpeak "hey Mike, play something GOOD! " He laughed and put on something awesome. Always listened to his radio audience and his friends.

    I'm glad of the time we spent together and truly a loss of a great American.

    Star Wars, The Old Republic

    Star Trek - the 10 shuttle PVP:
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    defcon1776defcon1776 Member Posts: 313 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    My condolences and my respects on behalf of the 44th Fleet.
    "If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here. It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid." Q
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    welcome2earfwelcome2earf Member Posts: 1,746 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels...his was the most.....hhhuuuman!!!:(

    /didn't know him. Condolences.

    Can I have his stuffz?
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    pwecaptainsmirkpwecaptainsmirk Member Posts: 1,167 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    My condolences to his family, friends and fleetmates. I wish you all the best and hope you all have a very comforting ceremony tomorrow.

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    ballermarisballermaris Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited September 2014

    In less than 7 days, we will begin the next to the last project that will bring Caspian Rising’s Star Base Phoenix to Tier 5; which sadly Twisted Mike will not get to see but will be there in spirt.
    We gather today to remember Fleet Member Twisted Mike who passed away on Earth Date September 5, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada from a stroke.

    Twisted joined Caspian-Division Fleet Caspian Rising in the days after we lost our original Star Bases to an individual bent on revenge for a perceived slight.
    Twisted Mike renewed the faith of our members who were in shock and helping to lead the way he helped with rebuilding not only Caspian Rising; but Caspian Honour Guard our KDF sister fleet.

    Twisted Mike was in true terms a Trekkie, who at his passing at age 42 was not yet born when Star Trek premièred 48 years ago this month in September of 1966.
    He like so many fell in love with Star Trek and dream the dream of star travel that creator Gene Roddenberry had brought to living rooms so many years ago.

    Twisted Mike enjoyed the characters portrayed by William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, James Doohan, Jackson DeForest Kelley, Nichelle Nichols, Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and Michael Dorn.

    They would be joined by Kate Mulgrew, and Scott Bakula as the stories continued to unfold. Twisted had been looking forward to seeing the fan produced Battle of Axanar, that is set for 2015.

    We of course heard him talk about the new characters bringing James T Kirk and company back to life in the latest movie versions.
    Actors Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho and Anton Yelchin.

    It was from these actors he drew inspiration for his own characters and even his bridge officers.
    The one thing Twisted never tried to do was name any of his ships with some variation of Enterprise. Seriously! Have you seen some of those naming attempts? Twisted too thought they were bad.

    He commented to me once about the fan produced web series Star Trek Continues with its varied actors, like the son of James Doohan; Chris Doohan playing his own father.
    Then he spoke about Vic Mignogna who picked up the torch to portray Captain James T. Kirk, each actor like Todd Haberkorn as Spock who has brought their own interpretation to Star Trek characters.

    Twisted loved facts about Star Trek and the spinoffs, and when I gave him a tidbit about Star Trek Farragut and Star Trek Continues being filmed and produced in Georgia he was floored.
    Both fan produced web series are filmed at studios located in Kingsland, Georgia; near St. Mary’s a quaint little fishing town I might add with a hotel that has no dang turbo lift.

    Twisted Mike joined Star Trek On-line when it first went live in February of 2010 and like me we became lifetime members. Living the adventures he became expert at STF’S and became the go to expert.

    Twisted believed in helping fellow players, experienced or not in making it though difficult STF’S both space and ground; Twisted do not fear getting his hands dirty.

    Twisted loved Foundry Missions, the originality of these stories how the writers wove these stories together and how they played out, and many have used Twisted’s characters!
    Writer Leo Tolstoy once wrote, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” Twisted Mike fit this description to a T.

    It takes patience to run missions, Twisted paid close attention to the mission details. Learning the trigger points; what and where the bad guys would spawn and how bad would become golden knowledge.

    Twisted never rushed, patience became his calling as we know those ever present timers can cause many to rush while not paying attention to that sneaky probe about to pass through that gate.

    Twisted knew that time was the enemy but he had learned those tricky paths that would prove to be the winning paths.

    Twisted showed kindness, respect, patience that made me proud to be his friend and he will be sorely missed, as he never rushed to judgment. We learned a lot from him.

    Twisted who was a tattoo artist lived and worked in the Grand Sin City of Las Vegas and had attended the conventions that had been held there. I expect he cherished all he experienced.
    I want us to remember Twisted Mike not for his tragic sudden passing, but for the life he lived inside and outside of the world we live in here on Star Trek On-Line.

    He has joined the stars and has followed the paths of other great captains who have preceded him in death, but it is not death but a new beginning of discovery and of life and of hope.

    In closing as Twisted has claimed his chair; he has turned to us once last time and gives us the final nod then speaks to his helm.

    “Second Star to the right, straight on until morning. Warp Factor Six.” Helm “Aye-Aye Sir. Second Star to the right, straight on until morning; Warp Factor Six!”

    God Speed Mike, you have earned your place among the grand stars of the sea above us.

    This concludes the memorial to Caspian Rising Fleet Member Twisted Mike.
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    omegaphallicomegaphallic Member Posts: 101 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    I'm sorry to hear he passed.
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    oldravenman3025oldravenman3025 Member Posts: 1,892 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    My heartfelt condolences for your loss.
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    ransom2375ransom2375 Member Posts: 243 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    With Mike, i lost an STO friend.

    I met him online in 2010, and i feel the same way like Alastor.

    He was always a kind, helping and fun guy.

    Lot's of good memories. From the old (3+ hours) STF runs and exploring the unknown alongside him, over the cooking recipes i translated one time for him as a fun gift from my German version of Neelix cookbook, hunting Accolades on New Romulus, to the recent Risa Summer event where we had lot's of fun on our Creamsickle Crush Powerboards. And of course, it was always nice to dance with Nuala. I will miss him.

    See you out there my friend ...
    Star Trek Online: Foundry 02.12.2010 - 11.04.2019
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    enderssoupenderssoup Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Smooth Sailing Captain, we salute you.
    Excuse me, excuse me, would you mind stopping that darn noise?
    obscene gesture, vulcan neck pinch, claps, cheers
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    ciranferaciranfera Member Posts: 58 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Its a shame I showed up at 1900, but as it turns out That was about 3 hours late given I was west coast.

    While I did not know him I still stood at the flame for a short time, Its always a shame to lose someone. I hope his family fares well.
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    lordtrekkielordtrekkie Member Posts: 44 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Sadly I ended up missing the memorial, but I'll copy/paste what I'd posted on his FB for the random soul(s) who might want to read it.

    Mike you will be sorely missed by all of us who you used to share countless hours a day with hanging out online.

    May you finally rest in peace.
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