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Hailing All Federation Fleets! Call to Action: Fleet Activities - Get A Promo Boost!

pwecaptainsmirkpwecaptainsmirk Member Posts: 1,167 Arc User
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Greetings Federation Fleets!

We are beginning a new initiative here at PWE, and we are calling on you to submit your fleets activities and recruitment drives to us in order for us to help promote and encourage Fleet participation within the STO Community.

We want to know about your Fleet's regular events, your anniversary celebrations, your recruitment drives, your weekend event runs, your plans for our seasonal events and much more!

Submit your Fleet's activities here, in this thread with the following info:

  • Fleet Name:
  • Link to image of Fleet Logo:
  • General Theme (if any):
  • Title of your event/activity:
  • Recruitment Status:
  • Website link (if any):
  • Goal for this submission:

Get this information to us, and we will be able to help promote you and your fleets in an ongoing new plan we will be introducing across our media outlets. Blogs, Forums, Facebook, Twitter and Livestreams! Bringing more traffic to your sites and posts to help with your membership drives, and to bring our players more information on new fleets they may want to join to help them find new ways to play STO, and new friends to play along side.

Join us to celebrate the great fleets we have in Star Trek Online and become a part of our Official Community Team!

See you in-game!

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  • sfc#5932 sfc Member Posts: 990 Bug Hunter
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: The Last Outpost
    Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://www.last-outpost.net/wp-content/themes/tlonew3/images/tlologo.png
    General Theme (if any): Casual Community (PvE, PvP, sometimes RP)
    Title of your event/activity: TLO PvE/PvP Happy Hour
    Recruitment Status: Open for anyone interested!
    Website link (if any): http://www.last-outpost.net/
    Goal for this submission: Spread the word that we are out there for anyone interested and gain community awareness.
  • jarodroto123jarodroto123 Member Posts: 1,337 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: Undine Task Force
    Logo: WIP
    General Theme: Fun (PvE, PvP, ect)
    Title of Event: Massive ESD Giveaway
    Recruitment Status: Open to all comers
    Website: http://undinetaskforce.guildlaunch.com/
    Goal: To recruit more people for our fun loving and friendly community
  • sjbrexsjbrex Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: United Sector Taskforce
    Link to image of Fleet Logo: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7022505/UST/UST%20Seal.png
    General Theme (if any): Casual Community (RP and PvE)
    Title of your event/activity: Operation Full Cricle
    Recruitment Status: Open where possible (but filling fast!)
    Website link (if any): http://ust.storp.org (or at a pinch, www.storp.org)
    Goal for this submission: To raise further awareness of a medium-large RP community within STO
  • karmaplasticitykarmaplasticity Member Posts: 24 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: UFP Starfleet ( Multi-National Multi-Time zone )

    Fleet Alliance(s): U.F.P.I.C.A. " United Federation of Planets Interfleet Coalitionary Alliance "

    Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://www.bild.me/bild.php?file=7199423ufp-logo1.png

    General Theme (if any): Casual and family friendly fleet - Completed All tiers and holdings

    Title of your event/activity: Heavy fleet chat and teaming - Expanding Fleet Alliance w/ts3 sever

    Recruitment Status: open recruiting

    Website link (if any): www.ufpstarfleet.guildlaunch.com

    Goal for this submission: To expand our fleet and alliance to like minded individuals who have a genuine interest in Star Trek Online - Making available for all fleet members an easy access player pool to team up from, gather information, and make lasting friends to enjoy similar interests with.

    For the Glory of UFP Starfleet
  • yackareeyackaree Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    The Vine is a coalition of currently a group of about 20, friendly fleets of multi-factions. We are looking for other fleets who are interested in becoming a member of our Coalition. If your fleet would like to apply for membership, or if you would be interested in hearing more, please mail me @yackaree in game.
    Hope to hear from you soon!~

    The Vine Staff!~
  • hagar3hagar3 Member Posts: 145 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: Phoenix Storm

    Link to image of Fleet Logo: WIP

    General Theme (if any): Fun (PvP, PvE, etc)

    Title of your event/activity: Alliance Awareness

    Recruitment Status: Open Recruiting

    Website link (if any): http://alliance-of-the-phoenix.guildlaunch.com/

    Goal for this submission: Raising awareness of a larger community
    In case no one can hear you...scream
  • neos472neos472 Member Posts: 579 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: 349th Assault Task Force

    Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://www.bild.me/bild.php?file=478153810322834_1503662063198457_7880158729929908749_n.png

    General Theme (if any): Relaxed enviroment and a willingness to help people learn more

    Title of your event/activity: fleet chatting and STF events - are in fleet alliance with UFP Starfleet

    Recruitment Status: Open to any and all people

    Website link (if any): WIP

    Goal for this submission: to help raise awareness for this fleet and its allies
    manipulator of time and long time space traveler
  • captaintpolcaptaintpol Member Posts: 103 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    sry put it in wrong area lmao, note to self never post on forums when falling asleep
    Matriarch of Banished Orion Girls. Neela D'tan
    @captaintpol (with many alts)
    May we sail and have fun always and forever. LLAP

    (PC version NW)
    [email protected] TR - Tully's of RiverRun
    Mai Kelly DC-Tully's of RiverRun
    Neela BumKisses HR-
    Arya Stark GF-
    Sansa Stark CW- Team Fencebane
    Crystal Marie OP-

    (xbox version NW)
    [email protected] Jazdia TR- Team Fenebane
    Mai Kelly DC- " "
    Ahsoka Tano CW- " "
    Neela BumKisser HR- " "
  • zanethesagezanethesage Member Posts: 68 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: The Trust

    Link to image of Fleet Logo: Crest of the Trust

    General Theme (if any): Star-Trek Canonical Roleplay

    Title of your event/activity: ARC V: When Mirrors Shatter (first mission starts this Friday)

    Recruitment Status: Restricted Open, fill out an application at our site and we'll schedule an in-game interview with you (we don't bite, we promise)!

    Website link (if any): http://stotrust.shivtr.com/

    Goal for this submission: Well, we have a lot of goals! First, we want to provide an environment to allow people of all stripes, creeds, and colors to have a fun time making their own legacy in STO and in their character! Second, we're trying to get a hold of other Canonical RP fleets to create something novel: A coalition of fleets that take the canon of Star Trek to heart (with exceptions of course ;) ) and work as a unit, with intertwining stories and legacies that people will recognize for years to come.

  • sarek93sarek93 Member Posts: 274 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: Starfleet Reserve

    Link to Image of the Fleet Logo: Starfleet Reserve

    General Theme: Casual Gaming/Fun (PvE, with some PvP)

    Title of your event/activity: Weekly STF Training Run (Tuesday) followed later in the week (Thursday) by an STF Elite Run of the same STF from Tuesday

    Recruitment Status: Openly recruiting any and all players

    Website Link: starfleetreserve.enjin.com

    Goal for this submission: To gain new members to help us continue to grow and provide more opportunities for participation and content runs.
    "Insufficient facts always invite danger." - Spock
  • ryanwire954ryanwire954 Member Posts: 101 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: Echelon Division
    Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://echelon-division.webs.com/Flt_Emb-11.png
    General Theme (if any): Casual,Mature, International (US, EU etc) Community,(PVE & PVP) Veterans & Beginning Players
    Title of your event/activity: Joined Fleet Events (Building a Alliance Network)

    Echelon STF Night:

    From Friday till Sunday we do allot of organised STF Tours (Space ISE,KASE & CSE) in the fleet.We use our inter-fleet channel to connect our sister fleets aswell.That channel is used as a buffer to set up groups.We also have dedicated groups that love to do ground PVE.

    Echelon Fleet Meeting

    Once a month we come to together to discuss the current progress and future of the fleet.All members are welcome to join and listen what we have to say.You can bring ideas and your opinion to the seniors staff, we will be happy to listen what you have to say.

    Trivia Questionair Event

    This is a event where we test your knowlegde about Star Trek in general, game & fleetwise.All members can participate (except the senior staff that is organising it) Up to 20 questions will be asked, and we will use a point system to determin who are the first three winners.The winners will receive some huge prizes.(Event is held every few months)

    Echelon Space PVP (1vs1) Tournament

    There are two formats we uphold by, its eather gonna be a 8 men tournament or a 16 men tournament.It all depends on the participation ofcourse.That also mean that the prize will be bigger with more participents.All members can participate (but you have to be lvl 50) Events such as this one are always held on Saturdays.See Event Rules. The winner and runner-up will receive a huge prize.(Event is held every few months)

    Recruitment Status: Open to everyone!
    Website link (if any): http://echelon-division.webs.com/
    Goal for this submission: To raise awareness of our fleet, and to show others that we are open for new members to join our community.We want to build a alliance network with other fleets.
  • llywarchllywarch Member Posts: 224 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    The 26th Fleet
    STAR TREK: Praetorian

    Fleet Name: 26th Fleet

    Fleet Logo: http://i.imgur.com/4DCaVnM.jpg?1

    Bonus Fleet Logo: http://i.imgur.com/WxtATIe.jpg?1 The IRL version of our fleet patch made by one of our amazing members.

    General Theme: A Roleplay fleet dedicated to delivering an immersive Starfleet experience.

    26th Fleets project: The 26th fleet's main community project has been and always will be the Open Starbase Project covered in detail on the front page of the STO site twice. Find more details about it here! http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/3038223-guest-blog_-open-starbase-project

    Recruitment Status: The 26th Fleet is always looking for eager Rpers of any sort, if your new to the hobby or an old vet of many games and tabletop experiences. Everyone has a new and interesting Star Trek story to tell. Find out more here! http://26thfleet.enjin.com/recruitment

    Website link: http://26thfleet.enjin.com/home

    Goal for this submission: Our goal for this is as always make more and more people aware of the thriving RP community that has developed in STO over the past few years and to continue to help it grow.
  • marcase2marcase2 Member Posts: 103 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name:
    44th Fleet (Fed)/ 44th Assault Squadron (KDF)

    Fleet Logo:

    General Theme:
    Active since STO's Beta, the 44th is a casual, 18+ PVE / PVP fleet with US, Canadian and European members.

    Numerous in-game PVE / PVP fleet events.

    Recruitment Status:
    Selected invites with a 1 month probation (due to -nearly- maxing out the 500-member roster).


    Goal for this submission:
    Raise awareness of the 44th Fleet (Fed) and it's KDF sister fleet the 44th Assault Squadron.
    Both fleets are T5 with T3 embassy, mine and spire each. They also share a common chat channel and as such the 44th Fed and 44th KDF operate as a de-facto single fleet (thank you Armistice ;)).
    The Mighty 44th. Boldly bashing Borgs to bits since 2010.

  • capbashcapbash Member Posts: 153 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Names: Access Denied & Naw’Tem

    Fleet Logo:https://imageshack.com/i/ip4IZ7lap

    General Theme:
    Access Denied is a well-established active, casual, friendly Tier 5 Fed fleet
    Naw'Tem is the T5 KDF sister fleet of Access Denied, Naw'Tem of-course meaning Access Denied in Klingon

    Our Purpose:
    Strive to provide an active, casual, friendly and mature environment for Star Trek Fans and players of the MMO game Star Trek Online. Provide a team oriented community where fellow gamers can have access to likeminded individuals seeking casual play with knowledgeable members, whether they are new to the game or long term players.

    About Us:
    Access Denied/Naw'Tem are gaming Fleets (Guilds) for the online game Star Trek Online (STO). Access Denied/Naw'Tem are not hardcore fleets. We are tailored to the working adult, student and/or parent who cannot afford to spend countless hours on an MMO when life's priorities demand our attention. Access Denied/Naw'Tem strive to offer a mature, active and friendly community that specializes in casual play for individuals who want to enjoy Star Trek Online without the pressures and time demands that other fleets sometimes inadvertently place on their members.

    What we aim to offer:
    • Established active fleet
    • Weekend, evening and seasonal fleet events and activities
    • Easier access to teaming for 5-man STF content
    • Experienced and helpful leadership & members
    • Produce and maintain a Tier 5 Fleet Starbase, completed Embassy, completed Mine and completed Spire
    • No Stress!
    • No Drama!
    • Website and Forums
    • Home away from home
    • Access to our shared chat channel with Sister fleets, Fleets are; Access Denied, Naw'Tem and Access Denied 2
    • Access to our Mumble Voice Server

    Our Events and Activities
    Our fleet has members from all over the world in many different time zones. So you are sure to find members online at every hour of the day. And we conduct many ingame activties.

    Although we are a casual fleet, we conduct many fleet wide events, involving our 3 fleets. We have weekly events form PvE training missions to general discussion events and Weekly Star-base Defence events.

    We conduct other recurring and non-recurring events.

    Access Denied celebrated its 2nd Year anniversary party, on 13th April 2014, with an Anniversary Bash in our fleet Starbase. We had so much participation we had to use two instances in starbase, same-thing happened in 2013. There were large prize give-aways, including lock box ships.

    Just to highlight our activity and events, following are the events we had during month of July.
    Nacluv's Risa takeover
    Friday, July 4, 2014 we took over Risa instance #4, leaded by Queen Nacluv. [note: Nacluv is one of our famous/favourite female officers]
    All Access Denied and Naw'Tem members had a party in Risa instance #4. Our fed fleet and kdf fleet competed with each other to see who wins most races, we built sculptures, we chased after Pavyl, we hunted Horga'hns, and we made the dance floor our own.

    Ground Adventure Zone Day
    Friday, July 18, 2014, Started @ 12 AM PST and went well in to 19th Saturday, we had a ground blast.
    We visited the 5 ground adventure zones; Deffara, Voth Battlezone, New Romulus, Nukara Prime and Nimbus III. During the event day we conducted ground missions, accolade hunts and many other activities in these zones.
    Many of our members in all 3 fleets were able to; Complete accolades in these zones, Learn the advantages of each zone, Fine-tune their ground builds, combat mechanics and etc.
    It was also a lot of Dilithium and marks, most of all we had a lot of fun.
    The event didn't even end with planned ground adventure zone activities, members decided to extend it to do Mine-Traps and other STFs, including “Into the hive (Elite)” [HGE]

    Black Tie Event
    Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 5:00pm in PST, we had a formal wear event.
    Starting in Access Denied’s Fleet Spire we had a great time. Main contest were; Best dressed Male and Female toons, making an outfit to match your pet.
    Other contests like hide and seek and scavenger hunts were also carried out as the event moved to Risa. The end of event was marked by prizes for all contest winners, and a big party.

    What we have in store for our members in August
    [In addition to our weekly events]

    Undine Day Event (22nd Friday)
    To those members lagging behind in undine marks this is the day to gain those marks. We have recognized that expansion 2 is at hand; hence we want all our members to finish the 8472 Counter-Command reputation and acquire the necessary gear from that particular reputation before next expansion.
    We are giving that opportunity with organized missions conducted by our experienced team of officers and senior members. We will be conducting Undine mark rewarding missions, both space and ground including organized team runs in Undine Space Battlezone

    Naw’Tem Starbase Party to celebrate reaching T5 status
    Naw’Tem reached its T5 statues few months ago and we currently have no upgrades left, now it’s time to celebrate. The event is still in its planning stages and no eta; however there will be prizes.

    Our Assets and Strengths
    • Experienced core of officers and senior fleet members with a huge collective game knowledge
    • Two fully completed T5 starbases for Federation and KDF players.
    • Active members and shared chat channel, the channel activity is close to 100 members in peak hours and more than 40 even in less active hours
    • External Assets such as Mumble Server and Fleet website
    • Dedicated Senior Leadership for each fleet with equal focus on both Federation and KDF game play
    • A large collection of knowledge base submissions in our web forums and constant updating of the content and discussions.

    Recruitment Status:
    Open recruitment
    What we offer is two T5 fleets, for Federation characters or KDF characters alike,
    Whether you are fed aligned or KDF aligned Romulan captain you are welcome to join one of our fleets.
    Our 3 recruitment posts are found below

    Website link: http://www.adfleet.org
    Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/accessdeniedsto/

    Goal for this submission: General Publicity, Create Awareness, Recruitment
    Bash (@capbash)
    Fleet Commander - Access Denied
    First Officer - Naw'Tem
  • ufplanetsltdufplanetsltd Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: United Federation of Planets
    Link to image of Fleet Logo: https://ufplanets.com/ufp/images/logos/UFP-Logo-2014-240px.png
    General Theme (if any): Star Trek Community
    Title of your event/activity:
    We offer a wide range of events and activities for our community members to take part in. From PVEs, PVPs and STFs to teamspeak events and a tri-monthly award ceremony, the United Federation of Planets offers a wide range of STO and social events. In addition to this with offer forums for the community which are devoted to conversation and discussion on STO and all things trek.
    Recruitment Status: Open to all people of any age and location
    Website link (if any): https://ufplanets.com/
    Goal for this submission:

    One of the main goals of our community is to be a Star Trek fan's greatest experience on the internet. Our goal is to provide the ultimate fan club, without the fees, without the fuss and without the cliche mistakes.

    The goal of this submission is to help grow the awareness of our community further, to attract some new enthusiastic members and to offer them support and friendship.
  • vancougervancouger Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: Grim Reapers

    Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://imgur.com/1yetCJi

    General Theme (if any): PvP, PvE, socializing

    Title of your event/activity: Weekly group events of various missions (Defera, SB24, No Win Scenario, requests of fleet members.)

    Recruitment Status: Actively recruiting.

    Website link (if any): Mostly organized through teamspeak and in game mail/chat.

    Goal for this submission: Looking for casual players interested in group activities, to exchange ship build/tactics advice wth and to support the upgrade of our Tier 4 starbase.
  • rattraps123rattraps123 Member Posts: 101 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name:Prime Directive Fleet

    Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://i.imgur.com/pHdSlox.png

    General Theme (if any): To honor the United Federation of Planets, Starfleet's General Order 1. The Prime Directive is the most important ethical principle: noninterference with other cultures and civilizations.

    Title of your event/activity: We are looking for that weekend sto warrior, elite stf players, pvp, group foundry misson runs, theme sto events like TNG, VOY, TOS Space & Ground events.

    Recruitment Status: Actively recruiting for 18+ mature and active sto players of all types, who want to help grow our fleet. And to ensure a long lasting and prosperous future in the Star Trek Online Community. We have a TeamSpeak 3 voice server for easy voice communications. We also support multi-games & betas events.

    Website link: https://www.facebook.com/PrimeDirectiveFleet

    Goal for this submission:The Prime Directive Fleet is a Multi-Gaming and Multi-Orientation fleet. Discrimination is prohibited by fleet members based on race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. We offer a no hassle fun community driven player experience.
  • admiralmikey0admiralmikey0 Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Czechoslovak Fleets

    About us:
    Czechoslovak Fleet was founded on the day that STO went life. As such, we are one of the eldest fleets in game. For the last years, the fleet focused on concentrating the Czech and Slovak players into a community, that can provide them with information, guides and support in their native language.
    For that, we aim to create guides on our website about new events, new system, or changes to the game, to allow our players to better understand the game and to enjoy it as much as they can.

    What we offer to our community:

    *T5 Starbase and T3 side holdings, both klingon and fed with full access from the rank of member. We also provide allied fleets with stabase invites.
    *Teamspeak server
    *Czech website with guides and news about STO
    *Friendly community with clear rules and responsibilities
    *Well established fleet with more than 4 years long history
    *Fleet's Anthem (created and sung by our members): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMQ7ku02b-Y
    *Accolades tester on our website (usable not only by czech/slovak players, but any english speaking player)

    Fleet Name:
    Czechoslovak Fleets (Czechoslovak Fleet 1st Division, Czechoslovak Fleet 2nd Division, Czechoslovak House)

    Link to image of Fleet Logo:
    Fleets logo: http://www.startrekonline.cz/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/logo-fleets.png
    1st Divison logo: http://www.startrekonline.cz/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/logo-fleet.png
    House logo http://www.startrekonline.cz/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/logo-house.png

    General Theme (if any):
    The Fleet strives to provide the Czech and Slovak players with a friendly community, help, and support. That said, our members are STO players from Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Title of your event/activity:
    Most of our events are organized by the players themeselves, Fleet's leadership is responsible only for a few events, such as:

    *Weekly Ceremonial Fleet Promotions: once a week, the fleet gathers on our starbase to celebrate the promotion of fresh recruits to the rank of member.
    *Celebrations: From time to time, events are held to celebrate the fleets founding, or important days, such as the first contant day or christmas. These events often include contests for valuable prizes purchased by the fleet bank or the officers.
    *Real-life gatherings, two times a year for our fleet's members.

    Recruitment Status:
    We are recruiting Czech and Slovak players, knowledge of Czech/Slovak language is mandatory, as is the acceptance of Fleet's directives.

    Website link (if any):

    Goal for this submission:
    To raise the awareness of the Fleet among the rest of the playerbase, or among our potential members.
    Commander of the Czechoslovak Fleets.
  • cormacthebluecormactheblue Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: 5th Armada

    Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://s139.photobucket.com/user/cormac35/media/Mobile%20Uploads/logo2_zps5813ff2d.png.html

    General Theme: The 5th Armada is a mature, active fleet. We pride ourselves on team play and working towards building an active, fun fleet. If your looking for players to help you with missions, STFs, PVPs, or just to have fun with, then the 5th Armada may be a good home for you.

    Title of your event/activity: Here is a list of a few past events:
    Fleet meet: rotates between fleet holdings once a month. This gives everyone a chance to see the different fleet holdings and get updated on activities and goals. It is also a good chance to bring up concerns or questions for the fleet officers.
    ToW/5th Armada PVP: a monthly PVP to knock the rust of some ships and get suggestions on how to improve your builds. This is also a great chance to poke some fun are one of our allies ToW.
    Dillithium donation hour: During the dillithium weekend, one hour was set up for fleet members to join together and earn as much dillithium as they could. During this hour all or part of your earnings would be donated to fleet projects.

    In addition, we do STF and PVP runs with each other and allied fleets on are regular basis. Just watch chat and salute up to get invited, or start a team and get queued up.

    Recruitment Status: Active and always welcoming.

    Website link: http://5tharmada.co.nf/
    Forum link: http://fiftharmada.freeforums.org/ (participation encouraged, but not required)
    TS3 Channel: 5tharmada.guildvent.net:8395

    Goal for this submission: To let everyone one in on little secret: Joining a fleet will not only assist you with things like ship/ground builds, completing missions, effectively running STFs/PVPs; but are also a great social aspect of the game.
  • ashkrik23ashkrik23 Member Posts: 10,809 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Fleet Name: Caitian Star pride

    Fleet Logo:http://imgur.com/OCqnzOW

    General Theme: An All-Caitian Fleet providing a home for Caitians in the Quadrant.

    Title of your event/activity: We hold Regular Fleet meetings for our members in two Timeframes, North American and European . We are an active fleet looking out for each other and often team up in-game for the various content. Many members actively help others with advice on their character builds or teaming up to complete missions. There is a PVE/RP event that people can do. Always looking to create new events.

    Recruitment Status: We are always open and ready to welcome any Caitian interested in joining the Caitian Star Pride.
    Contact @lindaleff, @revie, @keiththewolf, @feyralwolf, @nyzam45. Please note that all invites will be in person.

    Website link (if any) http://caitianstarpride.forummotion.com/ (Must register for full access.)

    Goal for this submission: Giving a home to Caitians throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
    King of Lions rawr! Protect the wildlife of the world. Check out my foundry series Perfection and Scars of the Pride. arcgames.com/en/forums#/discussion/1138650/ashkrik23s-foundry-missions
  • lindalefflindaleff Member Posts: 3,734 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Also, to see how Caitian Star Pride fleet promotions are earned, please see this page.
    I completed a 2-man CSE, ISE, and KASE, Optionals included. And I soloed Winter Invasion.
    My Ship Builds: USS Conqueror, HMS Victorious, HMS Concord, ISS Queen Elizabeth, Black Widow III
    Click here to view my DeviantArt.
  • duketbarduketbar Member Posts: 160 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    This Fleet is sponsored by the gaming community of Tides of War. We play Games. The community owns the fleet and keeps an active CO in place at all times.

    Fleet Name: Tides of War (Fed side Fleet Name)

    Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://i1281.photobucket.com/albums/a512/captain_data/STO/tow_main_space_900_STO_FED_zpsf34fff0a.png

    General Theme (if any): Space Warfare
    Title of your event/activity: PvP Fun Event - Fleet Vrs Fleet, PvE Activity Daily
    Recruitment Status: Open ( prefer adults 21+)
    Website link (if any): http://www.tidesofwar.net/index.php/
    Goal for this submission: .. to explore new opportunities .. and of course: To Boldly Go..

    Amenities: Team Speak, Website, Private PM System, Forums, etc, yes all the basics and then some. We are a 'teaching fleet" members get one on one help. Mostly Adult, clean language. We are Officers and Gentleman
    Tides of War Fleet Staff contacts:
    @duketbar (Fleet Officer)
    Tides of War Website
    Team Speak: ts.tidesofwar.net - no port, no pass (or simply type ToW in address bar of TS client)
  • duketbarduketbar Member Posts: 160 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    This Fleet is sponsored by the gaming community of Tides of War. We play Games. The community owns the fleet and keeps an active CO in place at all times.

    Fleet Name: Tides of War II Klingon side Fleet

    Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://i1281.photobucket.com/albums/a512/captain_data/STO/TOW-klink-B-900_zps40988402.png
    General Theme (if any): Space Warfare
    Title of your event/activity: PvP Fun Event - Fleet Vrs Fleet, PvE Activity Daily
    Recruitment Status: Open ( prefer adults 21+)
    Website link (if any): http://www.tidesofwar.net/index.php/
    Goal for this submission: .. to explore new opportunities .. and of course: To Boldly Go..

    Amenities: Team Speak, Website, Private PM System, Forums, etc, yes all the basics and then some. We are a 'teaching fleet" members get one on one help. Mostly Adult, clean language. We are Officers and Gentleman
    Tides of War Fleet Staff contacts:
    @duketbar (Fleet Officer)
    Tides of War Website
    Team Speak: ts.tidesofwar.net - no port, no pass (or simply type ToW in address bar of TS client)
  • khtakhta Member Posts: 2 Arc User
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    Fleet Name: Earth's Elite

    General Theme (if any):Gaming, RPG-xs, and creative writing all with Star Trek themes

    Title of your event/activity:To Boldy Go!

    Recruitment Status: Recruiting Now!!

    Website link (if any):
    also on Facebook page:

    Goal for this submission:To find other Star Trek fans who would like to be a member of a growing fleet. We are casual, have events once a week and are very supportive. Also we are pg-13. We range in ages from 14-52 yrs. Most members live in the UK but we have a few living in the Midwest USA.
  • ndawg81ndawg81 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
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    Fleet Name: Orion Cygnus
    Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://i.imgur.com/Z3HubWE.jpg
    General Theme (if any): Social and fun fleet
    Recruitment Status: Open to All
    Website link (if any): http://orion-cygnus.enjin.com/
    Goal for this submission: We're looking to boost our numbers and invite more players to our fleets! Feel free to apply on our website! (The application is mainly to prevent ad-bots from joining our website)
  • vantomz001vantomz001 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
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    About Us
    The Ausmonauts are the largest Oceania based Fleet in Star Trek Online, with a 3 year history within the game. We have 3 Fleets available for members to join, 2 Federation and 1 Klingon. We pride ourselves in being casual badasses, with a laid-back approach to the game while maintaining a high level of skill. We cater for all walks of life as all of our members are over the age of 18, most with Full Time work, working shifts or odd hours. All mission runs are set up either in-game through the chat system, or through our Ventrillo server.

    The Ausmonauts are also a Permanent Member of the Equator Alliance, a group of Fleets from across the globe that pool their resources, members and knowledge to further each others efforts within the game.

    Our Continuing Mission:
    The Ausmonauts motto is "Harden Up, Princess!"
    We take this motto seriously.
    If you are complaining that a mission is too hard, Harden up Princess!
    If your ship is getting blown out the sky in PvP, Harden Up Princess!
    If you don't do Ground Missions because "Ground sucks", Harden Up Princess!

    The motto means to get over the issue, move on and become stronger because of it. It is a phrase we screamed at each other while doing these:
    Tier 1 Infected Space Elite,
    Tier 1 Into the Breach,
    Tier 1 Undine Battlezone,
    Fisticuffs Cure Ground Elite

    In order to keep up with our motto, our Officers are always available to help members though all the games content, be it PvP or PvE, at any time. We also constantly experiment with builds and tactics to stay at the cutting edge of STO gameplay and regularly run in-fleet PvP and PvE events to hone our skills and builds.

    Title of your event/activity:
    "The Art of Hardening Up."
    We aim to have all of our members, old and new, at a level of skill and expertise that they can easily conquer any challenge, at any time. To achieve this, we'll be running scheduled PvE and PvP runs to toughen up and train our members.

    "Kombat Klass"
    Kombat Klass is simultaneously a build breakdown, mission tutorial, introduction to the Fleet and meet-and-greet session with the Officers and long-time members of the Fleet. The aim here is to look at new and old builds that members have, break them down and build them back up again with the aid of the experienced members of the Fleet.

    Recruitment Status:
    Open, see our website or ask one of our members in-game for details.

    Website link:

    Goal for this submission:
    The goal of this submission is to raise awareness for Oceanic players that there is a large, well-established Fleet in their timezone that is open, recruiting and ready for action! Players outside of Oceania that are awake at odd hours are welcome to join too!
  • smithdecksmithdeck Member Posts: 57 Arc User
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    Hello Captain's

    Smithdeck here from the administration team for the Wolverines Community in Star Trek Online.
    I would like to take this chance to show off some of the Future Fleet Based events available to the community as being part of the Wolverines.

    Fleet Name:
    Wolverines (FED FLEET) - House of Wolverines(KDF)
    Link to image of Fleet Logo: LOGO HERE

    Our General Theme:
    Relaxed community - PVP - PVE - Joint Events with Fleets - Meets the need of Individual Members (Something for Everyone) - Fleet Alliances and a whole lot more!

    Our Fleet Events:
    Temporal PVP Tournament - Mirror PVP Tournament - GrandPrix of PVP Tournaments - Risa Summer Event Coverage (Wolverines Radio) - Interfleet PVP weekly Event - Interfleet PRIVATE PVE Event (weekly) - Anniversary Smash Up Party Event - Flamethrower Tag - Nimbus Invasion! And again we hold a whole lot more on a yearly basis.

    Wolverines Recruitment Status:
    Open to all. Low or High Level - Any species - Any Faction. Mail @smithdeck in game to get an invite to FED or KDF fleets within the Wolverines.

    Wolverines Radio Station:
    (Sponsor's Wanted - Mail @smithdeck/@dack2rath in-game OR Email our office at [email protected] with the subject of: 'Sponsor' )

    Our Community Page:

    Our goal for our submission:
    Our goal for submission is to gain new members to our community - to grow and make our communities 'Star Trek Online' Gaming Experience the BEST you could ask for. To become an official part of the Star Trek Online Official Community Team.

    Wolverines Fleet Admin

  • crusader2007crusader2007 Member Posts: 1,758 Arc User
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    Fleet Name: Starfleet Liberty Force and Orion Liberty Fleet

    Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://stoliberty.guildlaunch.com

    General Theme (if any): Fed and KDF. We love ALL races and member based fleet. No dictatorship but very stable leadership.

    Title of your event/activity: PVPs/PvEs, STFs, Fleet Marks and CE events

    Recruitment Status: Very open and looking for both FED and KDF.

    Website link (if any): http://stoliberty.guildlaunch.com

    Goal for this submission: Spread word around for stable fleet that had over 3 years of experienced leadership in both Fed and Kdf.


    Contact information @2007-2007

  • aboutwodaysaboutwodays Member Posts: 0 Arc User
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    Fleet Name: Sector 31 ANTKB

    Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://i.imgur.com/uXotpv5.jpg

    General Theme (if any): Create the best most creepiest Character!

    Title of your event/activity: Halloween Creepy Character Costume Contest

    Recruitment Status: Currently open recruiting for new members of all age and play skill.

    Website link (if any): antkb.enjin.com

    Goal for this submission: To showcase ANTKB's Events in a public forum to gain interest in our Events and in turn our fleet.

    XO Events
    Sector 31 ANTKB!
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