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The Q Gambit

gofasternowgofasternow Member Posts: 1,390 Arc User
edited July 2014 in Ten Forward
Not sure if anyone follows the comics but yesterday (7/9) marked the release of the IDW Star Trek #35, which is part one of "The Q Gambit". Haven't read it just yet, but it sounds like it's gonna be a crossover between the JJ-verse and Prime-verse (or at the very least, romping with the crew of DS9).

I have to wonder though, depending on what happens, do you think this will have any bearing on the game lore-wise or is the IDW comics too much of a problem for the game to deal with.
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  • psycoticvulcanpsycoticvulcan Member Posts: 4,160 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    They're not canon, so it doesn't really matter. Cryptic isn't allowed to use JJverse stuff anyway.
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  • captainrevo1captainrevo1 Member Posts: 3,948 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Games, comics, books are all soft canon. Think of them each as alternate realities that are all separate from each other. There is nothing in them that cryptic can use. They can get permission to use a ship design or a character name etc if it's something the players really want (the vesta for example) but the actually story of the vesta in the books remains in the books.

    If some awesome looking ship appears on the comics they could try to get the rights to it, but the story itself only applies to the comics and nothing else.
  • mhall85mhall85 Member Posts: 2,852 Arc User1
    edited July 2014
    I'm kinda interested in reading this...

    From what I understand, though, this comic will take place in the 24th century of the JJ-verse, not the Prime. I could be wrong, especially since I haven't read it yet. I know it begins in the Prime universe with a cameo by Ambassador Picard (which is in the game, I think... Picard's title, I mean), but where it goes from there... I think it deals very little with the Prime universe.

    As far as this being "canon"... from the perspective of Abrams/Orci, Orci is officially involved in the writing of these comics, and there is a couple of quiet references to the comics in Into Darkness, so they may consider it a harder canon for their movies. I think this is only slightly the case, though, since I know Team Bad Robot likes to operate under the "only thing you need to know will be on the screen" idea. Now, from the perspective of this game, and canon in general? It's soft canon to apocrypha.
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