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looking for active uk/eu fleet

karldavykarldavy Member Posts: 9 Arc User
edited March 2014 in Earth Spacedock
returning to game after a few year absence

looking to find a active uk eu fleet

currently have 7 vice admirals and rolling more to get my head back into the game ...

my line up on starfleet is

4 tactical 1 of which is romulan but starfleet alligned
1 science
1 engineer

playing sto with a mate who is also seeking a guild ...

we are looking for a chilled out guild ... preferably one with numbers ...
and also preferably one that uses voice chat .. either ingame, ts, vent or mumble

im ingame usually from 9 am gmt till about midnite if u wanna chat more


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  • rbatalla1977rbatalla1977 Member Posts: 132 Arc User
    edited March 2014

    If you are looking for a small casual fleet, with no requirements and opportunity to grow, please consider joining our ranks. The 43rd Tactical Wing is a small but active fleet. Some of our members are from the UK. Our number one rule is "No Drama". You can be involved in any way you see fit. There is no requirements to join and all stores are open to all ranks. If you are looking for a fleet, but do not want to deal with all the politics and drama of larger fleets, please consider joining us. Everyone is welcome.

    Feel free to send a message or PM to @RBatalla. Thanks
    Join Date: Apr 18, 2010
  • karldavykarldavy Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited March 2014
    seems like there is an hieracy within ya guild ... im here just to play and run as many stfs on as many as my toons possible in a day and maybe get a few pointers on builds .... learn the tactics and mechanics of the fights ...

    i dont plan on playing this game .. all the time especially with the launch of elder scrolls online ..... once that games out expect to see me once in a blue moon ...
  • jam3s1701jam3s1701 Member Posts: 1,825 Arc User
    edited March 2014
    Hello and Welcome to the STO Forum Recruitment page of the BSC.

    The BSC gaming community was established in 2002, with branches in multiple MMO'S these included and are not limited to STO, WOT, WOW, SWTOR. But most importantly The BSC is a family friendly community where players from all branches chat & socialize on our dedicated BSC forum or within our TS3 server.

    Each Branch leader is dedicated to their MMO. With no Guild Leadership drama we offer a stable & effective leadership team with many of us having over 8 years? experience in the BSC alone and many of our Fleet members have been in STO since closed Beta we have mature members from all over the world, ranging in age from 16 to over 50.

    To us it is important that you feel you can play how you want and when you want. No style of play enforced or required, with some fleets in STO you are required to be part of Events run and expected to contribute to the fleet in vast quantities, however with the BSC we do not require anything of you at all apart to have fun when joining one of our fleets and to contribute to the fleet(s) as much or as little as you want to.

    We do run fleet events these include and are not limited to the standard PvE/PvP, Foundry and Story reruns but we always look for new ways to bring fun into the fleet in any way possible as a in game community we try to run Seasonal Fleet Events to help boost in fleet communication and this allows us to dish out some nice rewards too. Fleet events commonly run in GMT time, but not exclusively.

    We currently have two fleets one Federation and one Klingon



    If and when you decide to join our fleet you are not only becoming part of one of STO?s biggest and most active UK based fleets but you are becoming part of the BSC family.

    Being part of the BSC family allows you instant access to our vast number of guilds in other games should you wish to try them where you will find the same outlook as we have in STO it?s all about having fun.

    So what makes us the one to join?

    Well like I said it?s all about FUN! With us and we try our best to make new fleet members feel at home straight away, your input matters to us we run these fleets as you would want them run we offer you every chance possible to have your say as ?This is YOUR! Fleet run by us with YOU in mind? and your voice matters to us.

    Projects are run in the best way possible to help you as fleet members get them completed as quickly as possible so if a big upgrade is to be completed then all other projects are placed on hold for the fleet to concentrate on this first, We try not to split the focus away from what gives you the best gear in game.

    Well you?re based in the UK and I?m not?

    This does not matter to us at all, Yes we are a UK based fleet and many of our fleet members are based in the UK but! We currently have members from all over the globe and we do not discourage membership from other countries in anyway the only thing we do ask is you can understand English (this is not! Being discriminative in anyway but as a UK based fleet communication to and with our fleet members is important).

    So ?IF? I join you where do you fit in...?

    Well that?s up to you Like we mentioned above the emphasis is FUN and Team work but when you join us in game your Fleet Rank is Ensign and will remain at that for a while the fleet Admins monitor your activity this is nothing to worry about but we monitor how active you play the game and join in Fleet teaming, If your here regular you will earn the next fleet rank very quickly normally around the 200.000 contribution mark but this is not set in stone there are many ways to gain you LT rank and open up the fleet stores for yourself.

    Obviously to buy from Fleet Stores you will need to earn Fleet Credits this is done at your own pace and we do not demand a set given towards the projects to do this but we do ask you please bear in mind that the stores have Limited numbers of items available to purchase and these are expensive asset wise to replace so obviously the more you add to projects the better it is for you and for the fleet (Nice stuff for all).

    So ok I want to get promoted and not stay at LT forever! How do you get promoted....

    ALL! In game Ranks are achievable within time and are down to many criteria such as contributions held, advice given and whether or not you are a member on the BSC forums.

    Each Rank promotion is discussed buy the fleet admins and you may not even know you?re up for a promotion until we announce in. so there are so many ways to gain different fleet ranks and rest assured you will not be left hanging at LT forever.

    The members of the fleet who have the ranks Capt, Vice Admiral and Fleet Admiral have these ranks due to extensive input into the BSC, have been part of the fleet for a long time or have gained this status in the community in other ways but fear not you can gain these ranks in time.

    Do I have to join both fleets to be a part of BSC??/ Do I have to join other guilds in other games to be part of the BSC?

    Simple answer is NO... if you want to join one or both of the fleets yet have alts/mains in other fleets too that is fine with us, the only! Thing we ask is that you DO NOT take from our fleet to give to another, we work hard to give our members the best we can and simply ask that you keep the items from the BSC in the BSC.

    The same goes for only being in the fleet in STO many of our members do join in the fun across the BSC however some at present only play STO so being part of the BSC is not limited in anyway.

    So what do I do next??? How do I sign up?

    We Have an In-game Chat Channel! Open up Your Chat Tab, Click on Channels, And Then Type in Bsc to Come and Have a Chat If You?re Interested in Joining, Or Just Generally Hang out with us! Even if you do not want to join us straight away and want to see what were about or even if you just want to hang with us and stay a lone wolf then that?s cool too.

    To join the community when not in STO click the link below to join our Forum/Homepage then apply on there in the Recruitment thread.

    We want to thank you for taking the time to read about us and hope to see you in game soon.

    The BSC STO Fleet Team.

  • karldavykarldavy Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited March 2014

    I've been running with ESO beta from the first NDA closed beta, it's ok, but it's not Skyrim online, I'd play it if it were free but I don't think it's worth the monthly cost in addition to the initial purchase, not yet anyway, perhaps in time, but by then it'll be F2P anyway.

    really .. your comparing a eso to skyrim and skyrim is better .. all you have to do is club away and its dead in skyrim ... teso well that requires skill .. i wouldnt bank on it going ftp .... not anytime soon they being very cleaver releasing it on the consoles at seperate times ....

    personally with it being the only mmo currently that is going to be released x platform ... i doubt the ftp model will hit teso for a few years .. if not more if they keep staggering new content and such ...

    i wasnt moanin about you having a hieracy thats all good i just dont wanna be apart of anything like that im hear to play and only that

    asling as i can log on have a good bit of banter kill red stuff .. take a months break and not found myself kicked out ill be happy ..
  • suzy32suzy32 Member Posts: 383 Arc User
    edited March 2014
    You are welcome to join us, check out our fleets. very active fleets. Any question dont hesitate to ask.


    To join us Contact in game @sportz19721010 @avaeris @stingray74 @cronos722 @lightspeeds
  • karldavykarldavy Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited March 2014
    Modding Skyrim is what I like to do, and whilst the visuals on ESO are good they are leagues behind Skyrim. There's another beta this weekend, I'll give it another try but it's going to have to be really good to get my attention. I found the quests so far dull and repetitive. I bet you a tribble it goes F2P inside 18 months or less :)

    well u do know eso will be open to modding aswell right but it will be like the foundry .... ??? obv not yet but there will be modable stuff ....

    yeah the quest were dull ill give u that when i was solo .... but the second i hooked up with 4 pals the game changed entirely for me ... its not like sto where u can lvl solo and such its pretty much designed to be played with people ... i dont doubt it will eventually go ftp but the thing is .... alot of hardcore mmo'ers hate the ftp model i think bethesda will realise that ...

    just look at the ftp model in neverwinter the game is designed to force u to open your wallet.

    sto not so much
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