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“What's Left Behind”? The Rebreathers, That's What.

Please make it possible to get rebreathers in the mission “What's Left Behind” again by making it so the rebreather box doesn't disable just because your EV suit auto-equips or simply add them to the replicator. Having them added to the replicator has been a request since as early as 2014, from what I can see, perhaps even earlier. It's something that really should have happened by now yet, with the EV suit change it really needs to happen now, either that or you need to keep the rebreather crate in “What's Left Behind” active even after your ev suit is auto-quipped.

Both would be a nice touch, honestly.

Rebreathers are a great little device that I have for all of my boffs on my main toon. However now as a non-romulan they're impossible to get. One might argue they aren't useful any longer, yet that isn't the case at all. They're still quite useful for general environmental issues, from my experience, and allow a person to continue wearing their normal armor, thus not breaking up the set.

The game already doesn't auto-equip your EV suit if your rebreather is active in an environment it'd normally activate that doesn't require the whole suit so with that functionality in game the rebreather may as well be acquirable, so please- make the rebreather getable again from “What's Left Behind”, add them to the replicator as standard kit like the frequency remodulator, or do both.


  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 2,840 Arc User
    Re-Breathers were a nice item to use instead of an EV suit.
    Unfortunately, the EV suit is now enforced in these types of missions, even if you and your Boffs already have re-breathers equipped and in use.
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  • goldenavarielgoldenavariel Member Posts: 110 Arc User
    edited October 2022
    I just played that episode and would like to add my +1 to it. Having the rebreather container active regardless of your current status would be great.

    A bug I found was that once you get past the red/blue Elachi my EV suits dropped. I'm not sure exactly when it happened. It was before the cutscene with Sela. It didn't seem detrimental until the final fight when the elachi drones were spraying gas at us. Enabling the EV suit would make the suit appear then disappear a few seconds later.

    Not sure if this was a one-time problem with my session or if it is a bug in the mission but it was annoying. Of course if I had the rebreathers that wouldn't have been a problem...

    Edit: Sorry, I thought this was in the Support forum when I saw it in my search list. Move as needed.
  • torduvidetorduvide Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    That happened to me, too. After the same fight just a bit before meeting Sela and the like the EV suit just outright unequipped. It's like they specifically chose in that moment to make sure you had access to what was probably your best armor and in the cutscene you wouldn't be hidden by your EV suit, especially since you and your team are the only ones that seem to need breathing stuff, let alone full on EV suits. When you see Jarok and her team she's without both, Sela is also similarly unbothered. Apparently the visible gas in the area just isn't as bad as all the other stuff so you can be without it and whatever unequip script that mission uses then makes it so you can't put it back on to fight.

    Of course, if we could just have the rebreathers the gas drones wouldn't have been an issue even with the wonky unequip.
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