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22nd Century bundle

corerunner#1772 corerunner Member Posts: 119 Arc User
edited September 2022 in Federation Discussion
I have been wondering it would be fun to have a 22nd century of both ships and equipment. for the ships there could be the Yorktown class( from Star Trek Legacy but with a TAS Bonnaventure style alternate skin), Poseidon class miranda variant, Conestoga escort, and a Minuteman class Olympia class variant. all ships would need to be renamed and maybe have 25th century variants added but thats for Cryptic to decide. for equipment 22nd century weapons plus Zefran Chockeran's shotgun and the Calico submachine gun seen in First Contact plus 22nd century civilian costumes. just a thought as the ships are cool and would be fun for ship collections. also drexler yellow terran empire livery vanity shield so we could get to apply it to all ships if we want.
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