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Thoughts on T5 Infinity Lockbox Rewards

conclusiveninjaconclusiveninja Member Posts: 24 Arc User
Can we have the old T5 ship drop table back? I miss theTal Shiar Llaihr Adapted Destroyer, the Undine Nicor Bio Warship, and the Elachi S'golth.

I ask because the T5 infinity ship drops feel anywhere from worthless to infuriating. It seems like winning the lottery to get a paperweight. They're the second rarest drop, but their EC value is worse than about 60% of the drop table. It makes them feel like a punch in the gut. Literally, of the ~15 I've gotten over time I've been able to give ONE away that someone would use as something other than an admiralty card. I'm also part of the -STO- armadas so I don't think it's an opportunity issue giving them away.

I feel like the old drop table would notably help that situation. The ships I listed, as well as others on the old drop table are good enough or unique enough at T5 that I would actually fly them on some characters, especially for the aesthetic. Basically, a visually unique T5 that's S-tier like those ships is something with a longer lifespan. It gives players time to grind for a better ship and it would seem like it wouldn't hurt the bottom line because, long-term, basically all those players will move up to a T6 ship.

A change like that feels better for everyone. It feels better for people opening the lockboxes because they're getting more value and choice out of it. It feels better for the people who are buying them as admiralty cards because now there are more T5 ships. It feels better for new players because it makes it easier for more experienced players like me to give them a cool ship with a slightly higher ceiling.

I had a few alternative thoughts that might also remedy the situation. One was to add a fleet module shard in the box and a special projects R&D slot to craft them into a fleet module. Another was to remove them from the drop table altogether like the phoenix rewards. On the opposite side, adding in all the old t5 stuff to that box would add more options in a way that could help things. Another would be giving a lobi chunk as an option. (Edit: while I'm thinking about it, t5 lobi ships are crazy over priced compared to t6s) Has anyone else had thoughts on this topic?
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  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 10,099 Arc User
    Yes, T5 are now almost worthless.

    One of the weekly livestreams mentioned they are considering the idea (but have NOT promised this) of having a trade-up of N x T5 tokens for 1 x T6 token.
  • fleetcaptain5#1134 fleetcaptain5 Member Posts: 3,884 Arc User
    I hope they can add such a feature.

    People would still have to open boxes to get those T5 packs.
    It's not like Cryptic has to lose out a lot here. They have (I assume) control over the odds after all.

    Consider, for example, a case where the current chance of a T5 pack is 1/40 and that of a T6 is 1/200. Right now, that means you have to open 200 boxes to get a T6 and 5 (more or less) useless T5 packages. At 400, you'd get two ships and ten useless packages.

    If they made the exchange rate 5 T5 packs for 1 T6 and lowered the odds of getting a T5 pack to 1/80, then you'd still need to open 200 boxes to get a T6 directly and 2,5 T5 packs - or 400 to get three T6 ships (two directly, one through exchanging 5 T5 packs).

    Or something similar. The point is: Cryptic would lose out a bit - but only because a very expensive item would become more valuable to players.
    Which isn't unreasonable I think. Especially since they have full control over the odds and could tweak these numbers however they deem necessary. And they would only lose out a bit to players who purchase literally hundreds of keys. That's hardly what I would call losing out and besides: everyone else would win.

    Re-adding T5 ships that were taken out is also a good idea.
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  • nixie50nixie50 Member Posts: 1,115 Arc User
    last ones i used were to unlock the bug hangars for jemnaught carriers
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