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will the 10th aniv bundle come again?

or is this the last time it will be available?​​


  • evilmark444evilmark444 Member Posts: 6,889 Arc User
    It will be back again, we just won't know when until it does.
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  • vetteguy904vetteguy904 Member Posts: 3,451 Arc User
    look for the big sales. after this one probably a memorial day sale, or the 4th of july

  • orangenee#2931 orangenee Member Posts: 837 Arc User
    Sure it will, it's a big seller.

    Just they feel they have to maintain a good level of FOMO to it so won't go mad with it.
  • paddy#3322 paddy Member Posts: 195 Arc User
    It's back right now.
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