Feature request: Ship directional relation to Target.

whiteknight1x Member Posts: 122 Arc User
When this game first came out I made several requests that were added to the game. Two of the big ones were having the Scanner pointing toward the direction of the item. Before it only told you how many items were in the area. Another was an indicator telling us which side of the target we were on. I now have another request.

With all this science stuff being spam in TFO, many times I can't tell which direction my ship is facing towards the target. My ship Aft (rear) would be facing the target and I can't see it because of the Science FX. We have made many requests to lower these Effects to no prevail. So like how we have that arrow on the Target HUD I would like to add that to our ship HUD. This way we will know which side of our ship is facing the target. We would have two directional indicators. Basically, we'll be flying by instrument.