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vaylottevaylotte Member Posts: 40 Arc User
Hi i'm level 15 and been doing some intense ground missions. I've been using some of my hypos that i've collected along the way but I need more. Where can I get some large hypos at my level ? I'll be wanting a ton of them if I can afford it ...
Thanks in advance ...


  • protoneousprotoneous Member Posts: 2,164 Arc User
    edited October 19
    There's ground device vendors at most major locations such as ESD, DS9, Qo’noS, the Romulan Flotilla, New Romulus Command, etc.

    The one on Qo’noS might be the hardest to find. It's near the tailor as is the one at New Romulus Command. Here's a photo of the one on Earth Space Dock - it's right where it says "requisitions". Press M to bring up your map.

  • vaylottevaylotte Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    Great thankyou !
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