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bop and raptors skins

i don't know if it is possible, because all of them don't share the same 3d models, but it would be interesting to be able to purchase all the low tier skins of the bop and raptors and even the skin of this bop: https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Assimilated_Bird_of_Prey

I have almost all these ships.
bops: kor, ning'tao, Norgh, ch'tang, qaw'dun ...
list of the bops, right coulumn: https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Kor_Bird-of-Prey

raptors: Puyjaq, suqob, matha, kortar etc
list of the raptors: https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Raptor

the cool and nice low tier designs can't be used at Tier 6, and it is really sad.
example: I have the matha raptor, but i don't like the design of this ship. it would be interesting to replace the current design by the Puyjaq Raptor design. No possible parts mixing, but just the replacement of the design/model.


  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 9,571 Arc User
    edited September 2021
    Sometimes there are business reasons, for example you'll never get the T1 connie skin for anything except a T6 connie.

    In general though it would be nice if we could swap skins to use a skin we like (and own) on a ship where we hate the available skin choices. For me I really really want to be able to use any "real" Klingon skin for the Qugh or as I think of it the q-UGH!
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