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Economy Improvement Suggestions - Reputation

novin7novin7 Member Posts: 12 Arc User
edited September 4 in Reputation System
Greetings. As an STO player of about 8 years, I've greatly enjoyed the game and have watched as the price of Dilithium for Zen has shifted from under 100-per back around 2013 to the "Unavailable even at 500-per" that it is today. Since open attempts to address this issue have been posted by Cryptic (but do not seem to be working), I'm offering the following series of suggestions to help out with the situation. Note that these suggestions incorporate the fact that Cryptic needs to make money by selling Zen - so each one is targeted at balancing the demand for Dilithium while not interfering with, or even increasing, the demand for Zen. Also, having a background in software, the suggestions will be tailored to avoid things that would be particularly difficult to code and implement.

Although the reputation system does have incentives built-in for multi-character and account-wide bonuses, developing one's reputation on a new character is still a daunting task. Especially when you consider that several of the special "new character recruitment" events have objectives which require developing one's reputations. There already exists a "Reputation Marks Booster" commodity - consider adding a "Reputation Experience Booster" as well, and charging dilithium for it. This would be a balance between the Zen-only Tier 5 Buyout option that currently exists and the multi-month grinder that is one's only alternative.

I hope this suggestion is helpful in brainstorming a way to both increase the value of Reputations in Star Trek Online, as well as providing a lasting resolution to the economic issues facing the Dilithium/Zen market.
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