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Customizable Warp Animation

rev#6689 rev Member Posts: 15 Arc User
Hi all,

I'm sure many of us have want this feature so here goes;

After watching the new Picard series and Discovery, I have to admit the warp animation seems to be more current and logical next to the old Next Generation animation. Even though the Original series & the Next Generation were In my opinion, some of the best Tv and movie series depicting a possible future for the human race. Which In these trying times Is sorely needed, I'm sure you'll agree;
I feel the Next Generation warp animation feels slightly dated now, so my request Is to add the option to choose the warp animation you personally would like on your star ship on any character. As pretty much everything else Is customizable, this would add a great feature to further personalize your star ship In my opinion.

As I just finished watching the first season of Star Trek Picard again, and In the final episode the Federation warp out effects I found myself yet again hoping to be able to add this animation to my Legendary Verity Command Dreadnought Cruiser!

I thank everyone for there time, and I really hope this request Is considered for a future patch! To the devs and everyone Involved In creating this truly nostalgic game, you have my deepest thanks from a future old codger;)

Kind Regards
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