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Player Appreciation Post

therealblackkaostherealblackkaos Member Posts: 121 Arc User
I want to thank each and every one of us players who continue to voice their pleasures/displeasures/concerns/rants/etc. I’ve realized that, while reading the forums, we as a player base have a wealth of ideas that could conceivably keep the lights burning bright in STO for YEARS yet we go unnoticed because we’re only “2%” of the game population. I’ve seen people in this forum be able to flesh out story ideas, ship models, and new innovations that would be a boon to a business if they paid attention. Even though no dev would ever say it, I want to thank each of you for at least keeping things interesting as the game fails to. This isn’t intended to be a rant post bu any means. It’s time someone at least says, “hey your voice is heard and appreciated” even if it’s only amongst ourselves. As a fan base, both good and bad aspects, we still rock!
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    nommo#5819 nommo Member Posts: 1,105 Arc User
    11+ years now I think to perhaps someone just beginning STO today, you're correct, we still rock!
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    fleetcaptain5#1134 fleetcaptain5 Member Posts: 4,824 Arc User
    Np, but where's my cookie?
    [4:46] [Combat {self}] Your Haymaker deals 23337 (9049) Physical Damage(Critical) to Spawnmother

    [3/25 10:41][Combat (Self)]Your Haymaker deals 26187 (10692) Physical Damage(Critical) to Orinoco.
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