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Ease of leveling request

corinthalascorinthalas Member Posts: 2,330 Arc User
edited July 2021 in Reputation System
[Refresh all Reputation Projects]

That's it. A button somewhere in the Rep UI pane that we push to automatically claim any outstanding rep project awards and rerun them if the appropriate resources are available. The UI is sluggish at the best of times, and I glad that you went through and added the auto-fill button, but even that barely makes a dent in the tedium of doing the same damn thing 50 times for every reputation, for every captain. Just...no. Even *moderately* competent UX designer will tell you to streamline that further.


  • borg0vermindborg0vermind Member Posts: 498 Arc User
    Self-upgrade on anything as long as res are available are on stock is something I proposed long ago.
  • darkbladejkdarkbladejk Member Posts: 3,550 Community Moderator
    away with ye foul zombieness (white lantern ring blast)
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