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Test results of 12,000 lockboxes on Tribble



  • joshmauljoshmaul Member Posts: 519 Arc User
    lianthelia wrote: »
    we very rarely see a new TFO...get a handful of new story missions each year

    This is a big problem I have as well. Whenever I hear people in WoW whine about "content droughts", I want to direct them to STO, because if we're lucky, we get one or two new story missions every couple of months, and otherwise we're grinding our brains out for events or waiting for sales. I'm thinking part of this is the voice-over work. When this game started, there was very minimal VO. Now there's a lot of it, nearly to SWTOR scale - and a lot of major (and expensive) actors. Hell, the reason Kurland doesn't get anything other than "Kurland here" and is involved in virtually nothing involving DS9 anymore (you know, the station he ostensibly RUNS?) is because his original VO was a developer and not a SAG card-carrying actor.
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