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Join Spectre Wing!!

norman#1152 norman Member Posts: 14 Arc User
edited February 8 in Fleet Recruitment

We are looking for new or established players to join us, we are called Spectre Fleet, we need you so we can continue to fight on the ground and space against the trespassers that threaten our very existence.

Our purposes and aims:
We endeavour to provide a helpful and friendly environment for all types of gamers who love Star Trek. We formed Spectre fleet about three and a half years ago and have become a thriving tight-knit community of approximately 20 members. However, we want to expand. We can always be found in our armada discord server during US and EU Peek times. Spectre Fleet likes to utilise the discord app as it often helps to aid in supporting new players to understand the game mechanics, setting up to enhance your STO experience and to build relationships. However, if talking on discord is not something you are comfortable with, that is ok!

Spectre Fleet is part of an armada on the Federation side called Unified Coalition Defense Force Armada, which enables the fleet members to access multiple upgrades and support each other!

Knowledge of the market:
Are you struggling to make EC in the game? In Spectre Wing, we have member's who can guide you to understand the EC market. We can give you background information about what currently influences the values of different items. Thus, giving you the knowledge that will underpin your future market investments. Been able to know the market enables you to buy that Infinity Prize Pack: T6 Ship, buy the keys you need to get Lobi and get lucky with lockboxes!

Fast forming groups to complete TFOs.
No pressure or stress.
Easy and simple build guides on our discord channels with experienced players to help guide you through the process
Established management and leadership.
Bank access to help get you started.
No donation commitment or requirements, we prefer you to save your resources and to reinvest in yourself.
Newbie friendly environment.

My discord ID: Viryn#2928

Join us below!
Discord link (Recommended to use first) - Spectre Fleet: https://discord.gg/ja6NSbTWVp
Discord link - Armada: https://discord.gg/kru3exxufu
Download Discord https://discord.com/api/download?platform=win
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