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Galatic Red Alert Event Dilithium Rewards

I completed the Red Alert: Borg mission for the event to claim the additional dilithium which should have been 10k, however I only received 8k. I continued to complete the event for the additional dilithium rewards, however, I noticed that I was still only receiving 8k dilithium even once I was up to the 12k dilithium reward [8k+4k bonus]. This occurred between 22-Jan-2021 and 25-Jan-2021.
Please note that I am aware of similar thread posts, however, I was instructed by GM Valxr to create this new discussion so that the development team could further investigate and assist me with resolving this issue.


  • eladonwarps#6040 eladonwarps Member Posts: 231 Arc User
    Since this is at the top of the list already, I'll use this thread to say what I wanted to on the matter.

    A big Thank You to the Development team for sending us that In-Game mail for our missing Dilithium Ore. That was a great surprise to see, and a truly Honorable decision.
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