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Here's VERY Good Idea

alfanx01alfanx01 Member Posts: 43 Arc User
Hey PWE devs, you might as well take a look at my discussion in order for you to get players into queuing into other TFO (in Advanced).

These are TFO without any additional rewards:
  • Battle at Binary Starts
  • Battle of Procyon V
  • Core Assault
  • Days of Doom
  • Defense of Starbase One
  • Dranuur Gauntlet
  • Gravity Kills
  • Herald Sphere
  • Operation Riposte
  • Peril Over Pahvo
  • Swarm
  • Twin Tribulations
  • Tzenkethi Front

The ratio of Argonite Gas : Trellium-K : Radiogentic Partile : NO REWARDS is - 5 : 6 : 3 : 13.

I'm ignoring shuttle event, because I've never played on it, and it's hard to get a figure if there's ANY players queuing since you removed it in Delta Rising(?).

I could also ignored Vault Ensnared, because after a very long break, no one is queuing for that TFO.

I want to queue into the other TFOs, only to realised that there's no additional reward other than marks. Not only that, most of the TFOs without additional rewards, are time consuming and difficult.

For example, my 10K DPS (value is based on before break, but after the long break and upgrading to Mark XV, it could be higher OR lower) Galaxy Dreadnought, with saucer separation, 4 danubes and calling fleet support, can tank a cube and sphere in Khitomer Vortex, HOWEVER, with the same tactics on a SINGLE Tzenkethi battleship or Tholian Recluse, no, I couldn't even break its shields.

I mean, the suggestion is to add Radiogenic Particles as an additional rewards on those 13 TFOs, it doesn't need to be all 13, but at least 4 TFOs.


  • angrytargangrytarg Member Posts: 10,621 Arc User
    Or just re-introduce very rare drops for themed vanity items that can't be bought, only gotten through being lucky. Queues would certainly be fuller than they are now. And it's best to ignore those that claim chance is 'unfair', that's what has gotten us the 'everything can be bought' mess that starved the queues in the first place.
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