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Romulan built Fleet B'rel Bird of Prey

sirknotsirknot Member Posts: 12 Arc User
edited December 2020 in Fan Creations
So, while the Chancellor sat there and told me I'd have to find a new way to outfit my fleet with ships, I had came up with an idea: stab him in the heart. Then I figured wait, and unclenched my fist. I have tones of Latinum sitting in storage, and Romulans looking for help rebuilding. I took some of my refitted B'rel Bird of Prey crewed by some of my top people to New Romulus and came up with a solution: Romulan Singularity outfitted B'rels - after all, the KDF have tones sitting around waiting for refitting. Then I figured, why not make them available to Feddies. I take meddies cause I hate Feddies - but not as much as I hate the Chancellor. Guess I did stab him in the heart.

Tier: 6
Type: Raider
  • Lvl 50: 31309
  • Lvl 65: 40838
Hull modifier: 0.9075
Shield modifier: 0.88
Turn rate: 23
Impulse modifier: 0.20
Inertia rating: 80
Warp core: Sigularity
Bonus Power:
  • +15 weapons power
  • +5 auxiliary power
Bridge Officers:
  • Commander Universal
  • Lieutenant Commander Universal/Intelligence Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Universal
  • Lieutenant Universal
  • Fore 4
  • Aft 2
Can equip dual cannons.
Type-specific slot: Experimental Weapon
Device slots: 2
  • Tactical 4
  • Engineer 4
  • Science 3
  • 20,000 Fleet Credits
  • 5 Fleet Ship Module
  • 50,000 Gold Pressed Latinum
  • Enhanced Battle Cloak
  • Raider Flanking
  • Singularity Core abilities
Admiralty stats: 37 Engineer; 43 Tactical; 37 Science
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