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Dev, please consider added star ship controls and effects

mrlostsoul#1950 mrlostsoul Member Posts: 41 Arc User
edited October 2020 in Controls and User Interface
I'm sure most remember Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, the REAL Khan movie, and the best Star Trek movie ever...

1. Anyway, in the nebula, Kirk let Khan's ship, the Reliant, pass and he then moved the Enterprise on an up Y axis. Once behind, he fired and hit the Reliant. I wish we had +/- Y axis maneuvers. I would love to use a Y axis maneuver in various attacks, especially in ambushes.

2. I know in gaming, respawning is standard. But it feels like cheating. If enemy ships respawned, no combat would ever end. I was thinking, instead, our ships became disabled. Instead of a timeout count down timer, the readout would referred to as "repairs under way." Once most of the repairs are done, the captain has the option to go back into combat with 'on going repairs' (limited abilities), or wait for full repairs. It would make combat more immersive if we felt like the ship required repairs. Maybe even leave smoke trails showing our ships are damaged but still in combat.

Can you imagine, you're seriously damaged, you retreat to do repairs, and leave a smoke trail. Your opponent can follow your trail to finish you. That would be such a cinematic effect. Of course with y and x axis controls, your retreat becomes a trap and allies just slowly appear from behind objects or each other, and now your opponent is out numbered.
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