Need to separate the ground and space specialization skills.

We need to separate the Active Reputation, ground, and space specialization skills into their own categories like you did for the personal traits. l Just did a random advance Miner Instabilities and got my a** kick.

Before the Random Queues system, I had no problem doing this mission on Elite. Not being able to set up my skills to maximize ground abilities got me kills so many times. I've been playing this game since open beta and on Elite since it became an option. Doing Hive Space Elite is not an issue, but random advance Miner Instabilities is the only TFO I can't do without dying over and over. I use to do elite ground tours all the time and MINE was fun to do with a good premade team. But, PUG it in advance is a real pain.

I am in no way asking you to nerf Miner Instabilities. I just want to be able to set my toon the way I want too.