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[BUILD] Kelvin Timeline Intel Dreadnought Cruiser T6

winters83winters83 Member Posts: 486 Media Corps
Greetings, Admirals!

Welcome to Winters Budget Builds Series.

This series is intended to be a guide on how to effectively, efficiently and more importantly, build Starships on a “budget”. This is not intended to be a “min max” series by any means. The builds you will see here will show you how to create an effective build on a budget. Each video will cover all aspects of the build, Weapons, Equipment, Consoles, Skill Tree, Traits, Boff Abilities, Doffs, Specializations, etc. For each video I will also have the build replicated on STO Academy so that players can view the builds in detail and review them when needed. You can find this link in the description when viewing on YouTube.

Near the end of each video I will also demonstrate the builds in a Patrol so that viewers can see the build in action. I have chosen this over “Infected: The Conduit - Advanced” as the outcome of that TFO can be affected by the team that you are with. Whereas playing a patrol, you can see how the build performs in a single player environment. Every player, new and veteran, will find this series a valuable source of information. You may even learn something new!

If you have any requests for a particular ship that you would like to see, please leave a comment stating the request and “if” I have the ship, I will endeavor to do a video for that ship.

Kelvin Timeline Intel Dreadnought Cruiser T6

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  • darkbladejohndarkbladejohn Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    i have and love this ship.. i was wondering, its trait , target rich enviroment... does it work by me just flying the ship.. or do i actually need to slot it in my starship traits as well for it to work.. if it works by me just flying the ship then i can free a space for another trait to go in its place.. hate to think ive got the same trait active twice but only working once ya know?
  • darkbladejohndarkbladejohn Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    thats a huge relief.. ive been wondering if i was doing it wrong all these years XD
  • seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 10,913 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    Nice video as always, very well done. :smile:

    As for why this ship is so popular.. simply put.. it’s practically perfect. It’s not the absolute best at anything, it doesn’t do the top DPS in the game, it’s not the most maneuverable, it isn’t a MW ship.. but.. it doesn’t suck at anything. The ship has no weaknesses, it still brings very high DPS, it’s one of the hardest ships to kill, it has great hangar pets and even the trait and console while not ‘top tier’ aren’t trash either. Aesthetics are a big area of personal opinion.. so I am acknowledging that this is just that.. opinion. This ship is fantastic looking, it has great looking hull material options, a really cool bridge and it’s large and imposing. It’s also surprisingly maneuverable for such a large ship, with a respectable inertia for what it is (40.)

    This is my absolute, #1 favorite ship in Star Trek Online. I love everything about it, you can build it tons of different ways, the build you suggested is very nice, you can run it A2B, Drake, you can run beams or cannons.. as long as you’re not looking for an exotic build or top boat.. this ship does everything, it even has great hangar pets. The fact that it’s a Lobi Ship and incredibly popular means it’s actually also one of the cheaper ships in the game. I have seen it as low as 280M EC though you won’t get that price in the current economy. Still.. it’s an incredible value for what you get, I have it on a couple of my characters and it’s the only ship that I fly on multiple characters.

    I have mine with a full Epic set of the Kelvin Timeline Phaser Beam Arrays so that it has that ‘pulse’ effect that matches the hanger pets and I never grow tired of the aesthetics of this fantastic ship. I also wish it had a battle cloak, but I understand why it doesn’t and I am cool with it.

    I LOVE this ship.
    Discovery is good, it's you that sucks.
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