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Feedback on: Second Star to the Right [3rd mission in Warzone series]

nyniknynik Member Posts: 1,624 Arc User
Having just rolled a new KDF character things were going swimmingly. Really good flow and the quality update is great.
However, this particular mission seems oddly caught between new mission text and VO and extremely old ground environments. The ground maps make use of the original Fed-ship internal pieces vs. the newer updated interiors. It seems like this was done given those sets have a engine room and a few other rooms like a mess hall, which the players works their way through during the boarding action. I think the interior of these sets could be greatly enhanced by the incorporation of additional art assets at a minimum, including adjusted lighting; something to fill how cavernous the spaces feel. In various instances, the textures or assets which are there are enormous or blurry and in some places clip through things (the oversized monitors under the ramp in the engine room is an example of this; it peaks out above on the ramp). I would strongly recommend that the mission use the TNG internal ship set instead, as it that has all the necessary rooms and is much more in keeping with the modern graphical update the Year of Klingon is seeking to bring about.

It might be worth mentioning as well, that from a gameplay point of view, the respawn point system acted a bit strange. On my first death (I was being a bit careless and pulled a bigger NPC ground than intended) when I respawned, I was placed right at the very beginning of where you beam onto the ground map. Just a note that this seems inconsistent with the rest of the game's checkpoint style game design when on ground maps especially. It wasn't until when doing the long run back that the respawn point messages appeared. Perhaps they didn't register first time around because I was in combat?

During the raid on Mars it seemed that the NPC allies completed 2/3s of the destroy objectives as well, so some alternate pacing and NPC placement might be worth considering.
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