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Fleet Memorial Marker

Many of our fleets founding players have fallen just like the founding actors in memorial at Star Fleet Academy and on New Romulus HQ where their names are remembered in stone. On Vulcan a statue stands in memorial of Nemoy as Spock. I suggest that for fleets we have an editable memorial stone and or plaque at Star base, colony, Embassy and K13 in memorial for our fleet members who have passed away. My fleet is the 7th Titanium Space Cavalry and I play under my son's character who passed away April 2018 from Muscular Dystrophy. I suggest that the editor under a dilithium mission as with the added enhancements, IE let the light in at starbase, 182k dilithium, be added to place a memorial with 5 editable names and year of birth and death become a mission in fleet holdings.
Each location can be set by game designers for an appropriate fitting location and fleet Admirals can set editor permission in fleet settings.
The Fleet Patch logo can be set on the top line with the year in which the fleet was established with the words "In Memorial". Our fleet has no more dilithium add missions left and this would be an added enhancement for members enjoyment and inspire fleet loyalty to be remembered in memorial. Let me know what you think in comments and any designers who work for STO please suggest this to Starfleet Command at Cryptic or CBS who ever they may be.
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