"Transport to V-Rex" button, please

Can't ever get to it in time before the campers vape it.


  • sentinel64
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    One big problem is that if you don't play the zone a lot then you have a hard time deciphering the path to get to the dino using the provided map (I use to play a lot and learned to either be in the park since it is easiest to get to or hung out close to the spawn points in the city). The other is that ground dmg has improved a lot since the BZ was introduced. In the past, I could make it to two, and maybe all three, before the dino was taken down. Now they are quickly taken down. A function to allow transport within each ground zone to the dino kill location would be a nice addition.
  • trillbuffet
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    Reminds me of my long LONG LONG LONG list of things I'd like to see revamped to improve them based on what is needed many years after the releases of them. Just a few highlights of what I personally want to see done with these. So first is this game is the only mmorpg or game on the internet after playing for almost four decades that has the worst possible methods of communicating and working together. So being that we can't type things out a lot of times because of pacing of the combat that players can choose icons that represent faction and role your ship is performing on the map. Then some random thing that could be used is one player who has done something that isn't quick and easy to accomplish being able to organize where people should be going for the most enjoyment of it possible. So it wouldn't be something forced but if you have two territories left it would just be more beneficial that you have people seeing where they need to be to capture the areas needed for the main event before the map goes on a cooldown.

    So after that is we could all agree I would think that when this game was a lot younger than it was when these started coming out that processes on how to delegate time spent because of dilithium rewards most of it was just done with annoying and boring pressing F moments. However I would like to believe that Cryptic has evolved from that point in time where they can create something that does the same thing as time gates needed but having players doing combat over pressing F repeatedly.

    Then you have things like the V-rex's and spawn campers which really the game has evolved at this point so much that back when it was originally designed no one imagined that players could eventually be able to kill these V-Rex's in like 1.5 seconds. So yeah adjusting their health amounts and how much damage resistance needed as well would be a huge step in the right direction to make this better.

    Then final thing is the Voth BZ is the only one of its kind for territorial control. As well as one of my favorite DS9 episodes the Siege of AR-558 that possibly we have some kind of new battlezone that is somewhat based on the premise of that episode. Basically a battlezone that is more heavily combat based and not something where npc's are just waiting around doing nothing waiting for someone to attack them. The closest thing we've gotten to that was the ending of that Home episode from the dominion expansion arc. Then something added in here though because the fleet system was made around the same time we have tons of vendors and such that provide items that NEVER had any real purpose for using them. Plus there is not really fleet recruitment in game that really brings players together. So one other idea is having it where battlezones can be hosted by fleets and be better managed to keep people playing. Just so much potential for improvement even with how old the game has gotten.