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Kelvin USS enterprise-A

e3241e3241 Member Posts: 21 Arc User
I hope that they bring the kelvin USS enterprise-A model to the game! It was so cool and short lived on screen! There are some ships in the game that aren’t even in the movies and shows! This would be an awesome model to plays as!


  • redeyedravenredeyedraven Member Posts: 1,297 Arc User
    At this point, it seems not all that likely we'll get it anytime soon.
  • redeyedravenredeyedraven Member Posts: 1,297 Arc User
    edited July 2020
    reyan01 wrote: »
    To be honest I was surprised it wasn't a skin option for the Legendary version in the 10th Anniversary bundle.

    Most likely because Cryptic want to keep their options open for a future promo, as in the Kelvin ENTA would be another variant entirely, rather than a re-skin (though technically, that already applies to the legendary Kelvin-Constitution).

    I just find it unlikely to happen, as this incarnation of the ENTA will probably never show up on the big screen again.
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