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Anyone got a good torpedo build?

smokebaileysmokebailey Member Posts: 4,177 Arc User
Hi hi! *curtsy*

I got the new T'Liss ship, and the numbers make it look like this was made to be a good torpedo based ship.....

...but I got NOOOOOO idea how to make one. :o

Anyone got a good build for a Klingon aligned science Borg Romulan?
Equipment and skill trees pictures would be appreciated.

Thanks. :)



  • nightkennightken Member Posts: 2,792 Arc User
    sorry no pictures, don't have the new t'liss but I was working on a malem and have plasma
    torpedos pathfinder. though some of this I haven't looked at in a while so if anyone says no it's a terrible idea their probably but this should be a start at least. anything you can't get or just don't like like should be fine to switch. oh and some of this can be very costly so check the wiki and tooltips before buying in case you thin
    you can do with out.

    wiki link: https://sto.gamepedia.com/Main_Page

    fore weapons:Particle Emission Plasma, Romulan Hyper-Plasma, Experimental Romulan Beam, omega torpedo, normal plasma torpedo.

    rear just two normal plasma torpedos

    d/e/w/s: this is a bit harder, romulan rep set would give you faster HYs and, where as honor guard engine and shield plus cc deflector and core would give stronger torpedo in general. if you planing to use it on that lib borg the Assimilated Borg set is a good defensive set that may be better for theme and you still have choice of core.


    Engineering: all the t'liss console set consoles, be a shame not to use them, Engineering has the least useful consoles

    science: Ferrofluid Hydraulic Assembly, Exotic Particle Field Exciter, Temporal Disentanglement Suite, Assimilated Module

    tactical: spire tact consoles x 4

    Ferrofluid Hydraulic Assembly decreases torpedos shared cool useful if your mostly using torpedos though there are a few odd ones in this maybe try with and without see if you like it.

    Exotic Particle Field Exciter, Temporal Disentanglement Suite both boost shields which seeing as the t'liss has very little hull is useful

    Temporal Disentanglement Suite, Assimilated Module both give crit always good in sto.

    Assimilated Module has a little hull regen probably not enough to be useful and the two piece with the omega torpedo, you could switch one of the rear torpedos for the cutting beam not sure how useful it be but it's a thought.

    Exotic Particle Field Exciter does if I'm remembering right can get the resall mod which without normal Engineering consoles this build really needs, and it does have a surprising amount of epg skills as shown below.

    boff seats

    commander tact/intel: tact team I, Ionic Turbulence I, attack pattern omega I, high yield III
    Lieutenant Engineering: eng team I, Structural Integrity Collapse II
    Lieutenant Commander Science: sci team I, Feedback Pulse I, Tyken's Rift II
    Lieutenant Commander Universal/Command: beam overload I, Overwhelm Emitters II, Concentrate Firepower III
    Ensign Universal: Kemocite-Laced Weaponry I

    Ionic Turbulence, Structural Integrity Collapse, Concentrate Firepower are all debuff which should cause your torpedos/epg skills to do more damage, Concentrate Firepower will give someone shooting your target an HY.
    kemocite rad damage with torpedos and chance with energy.
    beam overload and Overwhelm Emitters are to knocking down shields.
    the science skills are just my go to ones, pick whatever may want to think about Hazard Emitters


    space traits: Enlightened, Holographic Mirage Decoys, Intimidating Strikes, Kinetic Precision, Threat Assessment Algorithms, Resonating Payload Modification, Projectile Training

    space rep: Torpedo Astrometric Synergy, Torpedo Pre-Fire Sequence, Regenerative Torpedo Synergy, Omega Kinetic Shearing, Magnified Firepower.

    active rep: Sensor Interference Platform, Anti-Time Entanglement Singularity

    star ship trait to dependant on faction and what you have so go with what you got that seems good/fun.

    Enlightened more epg, which this build uses a far bit, and hull regen which never hurts.

    Kinetic Precision, Resonating Payload Modification, Projectile Training, Torpedo Pre-Fire Sequence, Omega Kinetic Shearing, Magnified Firepower. all effectively boost your torpedo damage.

    Torpedo Astrometric Synergy Torpedo skill help science cooldown, Regenerative Torpedo Synergy sheild heals help Torpedo skills, actually may want to switch this with Omega Graviton Amplifier for damage proc.

    Holographic Mirage Decoys protects targetable Torpedos if they take damage test withot before buying.

    Intimidating Strikes Torpedos have chance to confuse, Threat Assessment Algorithms strongest enegry get attack by Torpedo ever once in a while. mostly just fun trait can skip.

    skills to be truthful I'm not a 100% sure. need all ranks of Projectile Weapon Training, this use alot of epg skills so should take at least two ranks of that.

    don't need much weapon power in a Torpedo build shouldn't much if any of the power stuff. t'liss is already fast and maneuverable don't need or Energy Weapon Training or long rang targeting, skip both maybe one rank in long range if can't think of anywhere else. put two ranks in anything that boosts weapon dmg, anything left goes where seems like a good idea.

    Boffs: same as always in less lib borg then see below.

    I'm assuming if your making a lib borg you want to play heavily into that? if not skip to Boffs.

    see borg lockbox, buy all ground gear from exchange/lobi store. not the most creative advice I'll admit but they made the borg lockbox for borg stuff so it all fits really well. maybe skip the Assimilate Module if that seems a little too borgy. I'm really enjoying it all on my lib borg.

    romulans have the fun of being the only characters who cave have a all lib borg away team, so you should do that on all lib borg romulans. even if you not going heavily into the borgyness.

    the ones you can get are:

    the tact lib borg reman from c-store, Liberated Borg Science/Intelligence Officer from delta pack, the Borg Romulan Science Officer from lobi, and Romulan Liberated Borg Bridge Officer from the humble trekkie pack

    also your aligned faction engineering from the c-store and omega rep science boff.

    I'm reasonable sure all of these can be used together but maybe wait for someone else to confirm before spending any money, and for cryptic to fix the bug with c-store boffs.

    if I stop posting it doesn't make you right it. just means I don't have enough rum to continue interacting with you.
  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 5,687 Arc User
    edited June 2020
    Yeah about the Exotic Particle Field Exciter console... it's the equivalent of an Exotic Particle Generator and a shield capacity console combined. And then (like the Conductive RCS Engineering console), it has access to a pool of mods which mimic various Science or Engineering consoles, so you can sneak an engineering console (like a Neutronium) as the mod on the EPFE (or a science one on the Conductive RCS).

    So effectively, it's 2 sci consoles in one slot, and the mod is a third console that can be either sci or eng.
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  • szerontzurszerontzur Member Posts: 2,564 Arc User

    I believe the ship's trait has been 'fixed', but the fundamentals of this build are still very solid.

    The Space Trait Resonating Payload Modification and Starship Trait Ceaseless Momentum are probably the two most important traits for torpedo builds. Ceaseless Momentum is going to be quite a bit more difficult to obtain as a KDF captain though.

    I've been using a similar setup on my Hurq Nekcrid for many months and it is an absolute monster.
  • vetteguy904vetteguy904 Member Posts: 3,138 Arc User
    the zero point module + hyper boosts torpedo damage too.. maybe that instead of the assimilated?

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