amazing content! for klingons about time

wow i created a new klingon character yesterday due to having read about this year of the klingon expansion content they are doing possibly over these 12 months. and i must say i am over the moon that they have and are finally remastering old content and story arcs that the klingon faction used to have. words cannot express how happy i am and how good it is to know the klingons are getting much tlc after all this time with much of the old content story arcs and missions etc being remastered in order to work with it.

with that said. it is my hope and my wish. that after they have done everything they want with this incremental expansion titled year of the klingons. that the next expansion they do. will be called year of the federation. and the reason why i say that for. is because they then can do the same work with that faction. adding back in all those old story arcs and missions and side missions back as remastered etc. but i want to hear all of your thoughts would you love for them to remaster completely story arcs such as spectres etc so that it would work within the actual normal story arc selection episodes where all the current ones are.