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Issue with Winter Event Weapon: Swordfish

I do have two toons that focuses on ground melee dps. Majority of them uses a sword type since you automatically dash towards your target when you're close enough (15 m). However, the winter event weapon known as a swordfish is lacking that feature. It is the only sword that has that issue/bug. It would be much appreciated if this issue is resolved sooner than later.


  • eazzieeazzie Member Posts: 2,729 Arc User
    Your wish to have have something resolved sooner rather than later is very slim. Due to the current circumstances getting things resolved alas is not really on the agenda due to limited resources available as the devs are working from home With less than a week left on the rerun of the Winter Event. I have not personally used the weapon you are referring to so can't say if it's bugged or not. However if there is an issue I am sure by the next Winter Event any issues will be resolved. Everyone at Cryptic are still working as best they can to get bugs etc resolved, but as players at the moment we just have to be content with being happy that the game is still live and the impact high usage of internet worldwide is having very little impact on STO.
  • starcruiser#3423 starcruiser Member Posts: 720 Arc User
    I'd say put a ticket and file it. See what happens if not resolved now could be resolve next winter. Goodluck
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