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2020 Summer Risian Ship Design Suggestion: Risian Ship Carrier

darquesanddarquesand Member Posts: 24 Arc User
Since the Risian ship has been a boat type models. I was thinking for a trimarans type carrier that launches Hangar Pets-Risian Corvettes (frigate). I found a designer that concept a ship with nature. I thought that was nice since yesterday was Earth Day. Seataci is a trimaran yacht that follows the concept of a whale. See the link below.

Second idea is the Pyramid Yacht. They hydrofoil pod will have the warp nacelle and deflector dish. See link below for the design concept

Star Wars has Squid ship (Clone Wars), Manta Ray, & Hammerhead.
Elite Dangerous has Orca ship.
Disney has the Manta Ray ship. (Incredibles)
Korean has the turtle ship.

Yes, I'm very fond of carrier style ship that launches frigates.
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